Ryan Phillippe shares surprising reply when asked if son Deacon looks like him

Like father, like son? Not so fast!
Ryan Phillippe had a surprising answer when asked if he thinks his son Deacon, 17, is what he looks like.
"Obviously there is a father-son resemblance," Phillippe, 47, told E! News. “But he actually looks a lot more like Reese's side of the family. Ava looks a lot like mine. "
Phillippe added that his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, 45, agrees with him on which parent their son and daughter Ava are most similar.
"The media interpretation is often that she looks just like her mother and he looks just like me, but I think we both feel differently about it," said the "Cruel Intentions" actor.
Some fans seem to agree with Phillippe. When he posted this picture of himself with Deacon on Instagram last October, his followers had a lot to say.
"Reese Witherspoon has really strong genes! That kid looks just like her," commented one.
"Looks just like his mom," wrote another.
Others, however, saw a great resemblance between the actor and his teenage son.
"Look like brothers," claimed another.
However, when fans saw another selfie of Reese with her and Deacon, many felt he was the perfect mix of his two parents.
"He's such a perfect mix of the two of you," wrote one fan.
Both parents can be proud - Deacon released his first song "Long Run" in June 2020 and Mama Reese called it the "perfect summer bop". And when Ava celebrated her 22nd birthday earlier this month, her mom paid tribute to her on Instagram.
"Happy birthday to my sweet little girl ... sorry ... I mean my grown-up daughter !!!" Reese wrote alongside a picture of her as a toddler and another adult picture.
In the comments, a fan pointed out Ava's resemblance to her mother. "I literally thought it was you," they wrote.
But Reese may have settled the who-sees-how-who dispute once and for all with this picture she posted last month.
"It turned out ... stupid is genetic!" She has subtitled the playful photo, arguing that no matter what parents Deacon and Ava look like, their personalities stand out the most.
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