Sacha Baron Cohen says he was 'fortunate to make it out' after pranking a gun-rights rally for Borat 2

Prior to the release of the sequel to Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen shares how he was "lucky enough to do it in one piece" with a particular prank for the film.
The comedian wrote an essay for Time on Thursday speaking out against President Trump, Facebook, the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories, and his experience infiltrating a right-wing rally for Borat's continuation. In June, a video of Baron Cohen appeared at a rally in Washington showing how he got a crowd in disguise to sing along to a shocking racist song about Dr. Anthony Fauci and others to inject COVID-19.
"When the organizers finally stormed the stage, I rushed to a nearby getaway vehicle," wrote Baron Cohen. "An angry crowd blocked our way and hit the vehicle with their fists. I wore a bulletproof vest under my overalls, but it felt inappropriate for some people outside to wield semi-automatic weapons. When someone threw the door open, around me pulling out I used all of my body weight to pull the door again until our vehicle is free to maneuver. "
Baron Cohen wrote that he "feared for my life" when he shot a project "a few times in my career", for example when he played a prank on the crowd in a cage game against Bruno and had to escape through a trap door. He shared these anecdotes as part of a larger essay on how "I'm really scared - for the very survival of democracy itself" ahead of the 2020 presidential election. He concludes by saying that "I was lucky enough to find out in one piece after his Borat prank" that "the next few weeks will decide whether America will be so lucky". Read Baron Cohen's full essay now.
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