Saints RB Alvin Kamara’s 6 TDs illustrate what is wrong with the 2020 Houston Texans

Carlos Hyde hit a career high in 2019 with 1,070 rushing yards on the Houston Texans offensive.
Though the previous round 2 pick of the San Francisco 49ers wouldn't return to Houston in 2014, the production showed what a rollback on the Houston offensive can do.
This way of thinking was used by coach and general manager Bill O’Brien when drawing up the roster for 2020. Rather than using the club's second or third round pick to get a younger rewind, O'Brien swapped three-time all-pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins for the Arizona Cardinals, taking out David Johnson's previous all-pro reflux the year 2016.
What could Johnson do if Hyde could get 1,000 yards on this offensive?
To date, 479 yards and four touchdowns on 121 have played 10 games - barely half of what Hyde was able to achieve in Houston.
To look for Houston's four wins, the Texans had to saddle up quarterback Deshaun Watson and ask him to play at the elite level. He had no turnaround to reinforce it like the year before. When Watson couldn't keep up, the Texans clinked glasses.
The New Orleans Saints have proven the importance of having a rewind that can take the heat away from the quarterback. Drew Brees threw two interceptions and not a single touchdown in the Saints' 52:33 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Day. However, Alvin Kamara had the team's back as he scored six quick touchdowns and set an NFL record.
Instead of getting rid of one of the best recipients in the game because the organization didn't want the distraction of getting a deal, the Texans would have kept Hopkins and A.J. Dillon, Zack Moss or La'Michal Perine. Maybe they'll be able to act and hop past the Baltimore Ravens and find J.K. Dobbins. Instead, Houston grows older as he runs back, asking his franchise quarterback to do even more than he had to in 2019.
The Texans don't have a running game that Watson can relieve in any way. The new general manager and coach must find a way to do this if Houston is to return to future playoff races.

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