Salesforce CEO: We're going to rebuild all of our technology to become Slack-first

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce (CRM), says the software giant's upcoming $ 27.7 billion acquisition of the messaging app Slack Technologies (WORK) will help the cloud company, "a major leader in the the future of work ".
“We're going to be rebuilding all of our technology all over again to become Slack-First, to help our customers work in this new world - where you work from home; You work in the office; You work at events, you work everywhere. Well, if you want to be successful from anywhere, you need an incredible platform like Slack, "Benioff told Yahoo Finance Live on Wednesday, taking a break from his digital hiatus this summer. According to Benioff's Twitter bio (TWTR), he's up as of August 1, “deliberately offline”.
In December, the software giant signed a definitive agreement to acquire the popular messaging software platform Slack Technologies in a cash and stock deal for $ 27.7 billion. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter.
In the company's annual letter, Benioff found that the integration with Slack improved Salesforce's Service Cloud case completion rate by 26%. Benioff told Yahoo Finance that the customer service product's integration with Slack allowed these cases to be "swarmed".
"What does that mean? Swarm means, oh, we have a problem. There's a problem. You can bring the whole team together and swarm around a case or escalation. We've learned a lot about this with our core technology, Chatter." . It's a whole other level with Slack. We are really able to support customers in a new way to get closer to their customers, but also to solve customer service problems even faster. Slack speeds up all of these things, "explained Benioff.
As Benioff pointed out in the company's annual letter, the overall goal is to incorporate Slack - which the CEO has described as "the central nervous system for the new world of work" - into Salesforce products to increase productivity from anywhere and "The most open and interoperable ecosystem of apps and workflows in enterprise software," wrote Benioff at the time.
According to Benioff, Slack will play a critical role in the changing nature of work after the pandemic as more companies offer flexible options for employees to work both on-site and remotely.
“[The] world is changing. We can all see that. The pandemic has changed us all. And we create a new working environment. We will work more at home and work in the office, "said Benioff.
The CEO pointed out that Salesforce had 20% of its employees at home before the pandemic. He reckons the population will increase to about half, but there will "still be a large percentage in the office".
Of course, Salesforce will be hosting off-sites and events, including the return of its Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco in September with simultaneous events elsewhere. However, it will be a much smaller face-to-face meeting in San Francisco than in previous years, and attendees will need to be fully vaccinated.
Even in the post-pandemic world, Benioff has ambitions to build a Salesforce ranch similar to General Electric's Crotonville campus that will serve as an educational and cultural facility for onboard employees and their families.
“I am very excited about the future and the future of work. I think Slack will be an important part of that. I think Salesforce Customer 360 will be an important part of that. Tableau, the analysis, MuleSoft think Salesforce is so well placed to be a key leader and I think it will be a key leader in the future of work, "said Benioff.
Benioff, 56, Benioff started Salesforce in 1999 and has grown into one of the world's leading enterprise software companies with a market capitalization of over $ 218 billion.
The company recently posted its best-ever first quarter revenue of $ 5.96 billion, 23% more than a year ago. Salesforce expects to generate $ 26 billion in fiscal 2022, with plans to reach $ 50 billion by 2026.
"The really exciting story here is that Salesforce is very close to being SAP (SAP) and Salesforce is going to be the number one enterprise application company in the world, not just number one in CRM, but also the number one enterprise application company, "added Benioff.
Photo by: STRF / STAR MAX / IPx 2021 1.4.21 Slack will restore the service after the beginning of 2021 with an outage. STAR MAX file photo: 11/30/2020 The "Slack" logo was captured by an iPhone SE 2020.
Julia La Roche is a correspondent for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter.
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