Sammy Hagar Vows to Play Concerts Regardless of Coronavirus: ‘If Some of Us Have to Sacrifice on That, OK’

There have been various reactions to the ongoing corona virus, how it has affected the world in general and the concert business as a whole. But Sammy Hagar has taken it to another level.
In an interview with Rolling Stone as part of a play that spoke to 14 artists about how to deal with the pandemic, the former Van Halen singer did not hold back.
"I will make myself comfortable playing a show before there is a vaccine if it decreases and seems to go away." I will make a radical statement here. It's hard to say without upset anyone, but frankly, I'd rather get sick personally and even die if that's what it takes, ”said Hagar.
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He further said that he was willing to pay the final price to save the economy when it was needed.
“I'd rather see everyone working again. If some of us have to sacrifice it, OK. I will die so that my children and grandchildren will have a life close to life in this wonderful country. That's how I feel about it. "
And he concluded: “But there can be a time when we have to sacrifice. I mean, how many people die on earth every day? I have no idea. I'm sorry to say that, but we all have to die, man. "
In recent months, Travis McCready has reopened the concert business with a show in Arkansas, while drive-in shows are also planned for the coming weeks. So it seems like the Red Rocker will soon be able to fulfill his wish if he so wishes.
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