San Francisco woman dragged to death after leashed dog got trapped on departing train

A passenger on the BART train in San Francisco was dragged to her death when her leashed dog was trapped in the car when leaving the station.
The passenger was identified as 41-year-old Amy Adams, the San Francisco Office of the Medical Examiner reported, according to Bay Area Rapid Transit data. Her dog's leash was tied to her waist when she was on a train to Dublin / Pleasanton on Monday afternoon. She reportedly decided to get out of the car and capture her dog at the last moment when the doors closed immediately behind her.
Adams looked like she was waving to someone as she got out, officials said. As the train started moving, she was dragged onto the tracks and killed her. The dog is said to have remained unharmed.
"This is a tragic loss of life and we follow all safety protocols," said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost.
A woman identified as Angela picked up the dog on the train and brought it to Adams' roommate, a bystander named Heather Griffin.
"She was very shaken," said Griffin. "Everyone was very sad. It was a tough evening."
Griffin said she saw a mother and daughter cry after seeing Adams dragged onto the tracks after banging on the train's then-closed doors.
BART's Chief Safety Officer has started an investigation into the incident with investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board.
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Original Author: Matthew Miller
Original setting: San Francisco woman dragged to death after a dog on a leash was trapped in the departing train

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