Sasha Obama’s 19 and acting like it. Why are so many bothered by that?

Sasha Obama has gone viral twice lately - and she doesn't even have public social media accounts.
First, at the end of November, a fifteen-second long TikTok was published in which the 19-year-old dances to Popp Hunna's Adderall (Corvette Corvette) with a group of friends, and then deleted.
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The former first daughter's appearance in the short video generated an online conversation during which trolls admonished her to sing along to the word "bitch" and to show long acrylic nails that were unsuitable for typing. The fire was rekindled last week when a photo was posted on Twitter of the University of Michigan student taking a look.
Many loved the teenage girl's urban outfit. They thought she looked glamorous and grown up in a crop top, bikini bottom, and sarong. They saw it for what it was - a beautiful 19 year old girl who is a beautiful 19 year old girl. Others, however, felt that their looks were way out of bounds and not the appropriate character a child of the former President of the United States should display. Some asked the teen to dress as if she were naked. They laughed at the older man lurking in the corner. Then came the racist theories. Somehow expressing one's own style correlates with “dad problems”.
Why are we so shocked that Sasha Obama grew up? And why do we judge them for that?
Why are we so shocked that Sasha Obama grew up? And why do we judge them for that?
Sasha and her sister Malia were only 7 and 10 years old when they moved to the White House. They were the beautiful little girls in J. Crew dresses with satin sashes and bows that led to their father's idyllic, picture-perfect presidential victory.
"There was no room for a normal teenager [for Sasha and Malia Obama]," Jennifer Turner, Ph.D., assistant professor of women and gender studies in sociology at Hollins University, told Yahoo Life. "There is a situation where black women are hypersexualized, and then there is a policy of respectability that bourgeois blacks, privileged blacks like Sasha Obama, are supposed to adhere to."
This isn't the first time Sasha has been trolled either. She and her sister Malia were viciously attacked in 2014 by Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for then-Tennessee representative Stephen Lee Fincher, for "falling short in the role model department." They were only 13 and 16 years old and were criticized for their clothing and behavior. Malia, now a student at Harvard University, has been criticized for being in a bikini in a paparazzi snap and was most recently "absolutely mental" at a music festival. Mind you, she may or may not have smoked a cigarette.
"[They say Sasha] should be a role model for young girls, which is an unfair expectation they have because of her status and because she is a public figure," says Turner, noting that the expectations and criticisms of black girls and women are reinforced because of their race and gender.
It is misogynist and racist.
Lucy Keith
Lucy Keith, half of a duo on the new pop culture podcast Bingeable, highlights how black women are subject to different standards by noting the difference in the treatment of the Bush twins. “I think people are disgusting and disgusting. [Sashas] 19, smart and don't hurt anyone. The Bush twins were unfairly criticized during their college days, but the treatment [of Sasha and Malia] is on a different level when you add the climate we are in and see how people combine certain dance styles and nail styles not that there is no racist tone in what people say. It's inherently there as she talked about it. They talk about their sister and how they talk about their mother. It is misogynist and racist. "
Turner also compared the Bush twins, noting that "they drank and drove and didn't seem to get the same manliness that Sasha only had for posting TikTok videos and taking a picture."
Misogynist because why can't a girl have a bit of fun and dress in cute clothes without people thinking she is problematic? Racist because Sasha Obama received no mercy at all. Although she was a student at one of the best universities in the country, her innocent acts and depictions of young adulthood became insulting and too much. Is it us or is it the culture?
Sasha is an Obama; She is not expected to do these things.
Jennifer Turner, Ph.D.
"We live in a society that constantly encourages women, especially young women, to emphasize their sex appeal for men, but also to monitor women's sexuality," said Takkara Brunson, assistant professor of Africana Studies at California State University Fresno. "This is especially true for black women."
Unfortunately, police work comes from all sides and can be particularly unfriendly to black women.
"The respectability policy is at hand here," says Turner. “Sasha is an Obama; She is not expected to do these things. The long nails and all that [in the video], while it's a symbol of black culture, it's just one aspect [described as] "hood culture". She doesn't get away with it, so people don't expect it. "
The criticism of Sasha is problematic and unfair, especially when it comes to the black community. The memes about Barack and Michelle were also widely spread on social media, which made for quick discipline. It was reminiscent of Snoop Dogg's comments criticizing the pictures and videos of Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion for objectifying women in the same way. Snoop says he was changed because he had a daughter and at the same time berated Cardi and Megan for behaving exactly as they did when they were their age.
"To me, [Sasha's] exudes confidence, has her sexuality, and does what girls do, and because of her race and gender, she is more criticized than white women," says Turner. "[There's a] ingrained history of this in the black community."
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