'Save me': Police release video of stab victim at 'quarantine rave' to warn about illegal events

Police have released footage of officials helping an stabbing victim at an illegal rave to urge people to stay away from other events this weekend.
Three people were stabbed and a 20-year-old man died from a suspected drug overdose when thousands broke the coronavirus restrictions last Saturday evening to take part in two illegal "quarantine raves" in Manchester.
The Greater Manchester police shared a video of a bodycam worn by an officer who took care of a victim of a knife stab and asked people to "stop and think" if they were considering an illegal weekend this weekend Rave to participate.
The footage shows officials helping an unknown man. You can hear him say "please save me" because he received important emergency medical treatment before the paramedics arrived.
Bodycam footage from the Greater Manchester police shows officers helping a stab victim in an illegal rave last weekend. (PA / GMP)
It shows how officials have to get out of their car and run to find the victim. It takes eight minutes to calm him down while urgently providing help until a medic arrives before lifting him into a police car so that he can be taken to an ambulance at the hospital.
On Friday, June 19, Greater Manchester police confirmed that he was still hospitalized and under treatment.
GMP said it was known that more illegal raves could be organized in the region this weekend, and warned people that participants face the prospect of arrest and law enforcement.
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The squad said that there will be a special police operation and increased police presence in potential hotspot areas.
She said she works with neighboring forces and works with “key partners” to find out where the events will take place.
The footage shows officials having to run to find the victim. (GMP)
The squad also urged the public and businesses to provide information to help prevent the event and "ultimately save lives."
Deputy Chief of Police Nick Bailey said: “Last weekend, two large raves took place in Carrington and Oldham, involving around 6,000 people.
“This clearly violated current coronavirus regulations and endangered everyone, but also had tragic consequences for some participants after a young woman was raped, three men stabbed, and a teenager was unfortunately killed after a suspected drug overdose.
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“For us, the security of our communities will always be a top priority, and we will continue to strike a balance between proportionality and general public security by responding to incidents like this as a whole.
"We send a strong warning to those who are considering participating in such events. They could face enforcement action and get a criminal record."
He said a key issue was accessibility for rescue workers - something that is taken into account when planning major events, but becomes a problem when there are illegal events.
"After reviewing the body-worn footage from last weekend's event, it was clear that emergency services had difficulty reaching out to the needy because no crowd and security measures were taken," he added.
"Fortunately, officials have given life-saving treatment to a stabbing victim on the ground, but it is a clear reminder of the importance of planning to ensure everyone's safety."
Andy Burnham warned that the raves would put additional strain on emergency services. (GMP)

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said: "What happened last weekend was unacceptable. This drained police resources and put people's lives at risk."
“I want to minimize the likelihood that this will happen again. So I asked GMP to develop a clear multi-agency action plan to prevent or disrupt future raves. Lessons have been learned from these incidents and I am pleased that GMP will take a more robust approach to such events in the future.
"We cannot say with certainty that we can prevent all of these events from happening again." But we can tell the Greater Manchester residents that there is no question of whether we turn a blind eye or take a revealing approach.
"These events are illegal at all times, especially during a pandemic, and we will double our efforts to close them and protect life in Greater Manchester."
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