Scarlett Johansson Reveals She Originally Didn't Get Black Widow Role: 'I Was Pretty Bummed'

Black widow
Film Frame / Marvel Studios 2020 Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow (2021)
Scarlett Johansson didn't immediately book her now iconic role as Black Widow.
The actress was ready for the role before Iron Man 2 from 2010, but missed the role before a blow of fate landed her exactly where she wanted to be.
“I was a huge fan of the first Iron Man. And I wanted to work with Jon [Favreau] and Robert [Downey Jr.] and then I didn't get the role and was pretty stunned by it, happened all the time. “She said in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, about Screenrant. “Then I got fateful - a few weeks later the actor who was originally cast in the role was unable to do so due to a scheduling conflict. So Jon called me and we met again and I said, 'Yeah, I'm' still extremely available. ' "
The actress was none other than Emily Blunt, who has since spoken about the "heartbreak" of ultimately turning down the role after being hired to star in Gulliver's travels that same year.
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In the interview, Johansson spoke about the lesson she learned from the casting ordeal.
“If anyone ever asks me what advice I have to other actors trying to make it, I say, 'Every opportunity is an opportunity to work and you will never get a better call than if you thought you had then lost a job I got it. ' I was so excited to get a second chance, "she said.
Emily Blunt; Scarlett Johansson as a black widow
Getty; Marvel Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johansson
In a recent interview on the Howard Stern Show, Blunt spoke about how she was originally in talks to play the Marvel heroine in Iron Man 2.
"Actually, I want to clean up the story," said Blunt. “I was hired to do Gulliver's travels. I didn't want to do Gulliver's trips.
"It's been a bit of a heartbreak for me because I'm so proud of the choices I make and they mean so much to me, the films I make," added A Quiet Place star Howard Stern. "So that was tough."
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Also during the interview, Blunt shot down rumors that she would play the Invisible Woman in the Marvel reboot of Fantastic Four. She also said that the superhero film genre is "exhausted".
"It's not that it's below me. It's not. I loved Iron Man and I wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr.," said Blunt.
"It would have been fantastic, but I don't know if superheroes are for me," added the star. "They're not my alley. I think it's exhausted. We're being flooded. It's not just the movies, it's the endless TV shows too."
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