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Schitt's Creek became more popular year by year and became more popular in the six seasons. With his series finale in April there was a really happy ending. For the co-creator and star Daniel Levy, however, it was a real satisfaction for the pop TV show to stay true to themselves.
"Our main concern at the end of the day was to make a first season of the show that we would agree to if it didn't run," Levy said during the show's panel at Deadline's virtual Contenders Television event. "It was this search for closure that was the most important thing for us - telling the story as pure and specific and funny and tonally as we could," he added, with co-star and onscreen sister Annie Murphy on the panel to revisit Deadline's annual small screen event.
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"That was the goal and it was always the goal, and we were very lucky that people really responded to what we were doing," says Levy of his desire for authentic storytelling. These stories led to the well-seen final on April 7th, where Levy's David character married her boyfriend Patrick (Noah Reid) in a carefully planned ceremony in front of family and friends.
The comedy, co-designed by Levy and his SCTV legendary father Eugene Levy, plays the Levys, Murphy and Catherine O'Hara as the once wealthy and selfish Rose family who only lives in a motel in the awkwardly named city you once bought on a whim out. Schitt's Creek received four Emmy nominations for the penultimate season last year, including the Outstanding Comedy Series.
The Roses' high level talent and journey to something a little less independent is underpinned by a strong cast, in which Chris Elliott, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Robertson, Reid, Dustin Milligan, Sarah Levy and Karen Robinson started a sensational run in 2015.
For Murphy, the years he played the celebrity Alexis was more than just another job. "I just think that this show, and I think I can say that because I didn't write it, it has developed from a good entertainment medium to a show that has touched people on a much more significant and personal level "Said the Toronto-born actor." I think that's a rarity. "
Schitt's Creek was originally commissioned by CBC and is produced by Not A Real Company Productions Inc. Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Andrew Barnsley, Fred Levy, David West Read and Ben Feigin act as executive producers. The series is now available on Netflix and is being produced in collaboration with CBC and Pop TV and distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.
At the end of last year, Fox Television Stations acquired rights to Schitt's Creek under a two-year contract with Lionsgate's Debgate-Mercury, which means that the often heinous roses will eventually be broadcast on television.
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