School apologises after children are told to plan own funeral as homework

St. Paul Catholic School in Leicester (Image: Google Maps)
A school had to apologize after telling students to plan their own funeral as a homework assignment during the closure.
The parents were upset when they found out that the St. Paul Catholic School in Leicester had given the eighth-grade students the morbid task.
They should choose a coffin style, a type of flower, a favorite anthem, and even their guest list, the sun reported.
The youngsters were also asked whether they would prefer a traditional funeral or cremation.
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Eighth grade students should plan their own funerals (Image: Getty).
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Mother Gemma Marston uploaded a copy of the homework online and added: “Does anyone else feel that it is a little too much to get them to plan their own funeral? Or am I exaggerating? "
Other parents agreed, one saying it was "over the top" and another who added the task would cause a lot of fear.
They also asked if it was the best time to do the homework considering that we were in a pandemic.
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A teacher who saw the task wrote: "I would not do this. Some children can be very susceptible to ideas about death and funerals.
"You don't always know if one of your students has suffered a loss recently, and that can be very triggering for students."
The St. Paul Catholic School has now apologized and said the order was "erroneously" given.
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