Schumer says there is a ‘rot at the center’ of the Republican Party

During a speech promoting the For the People Act in the Senate on Tuesday, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said there was “rot at the heart of the modern Republican Party” over efforts to curtail the right to vote after former President Donald Trump's “big lie” . Election fraud in the 2020 elections.
Video transcript
CHUCK SCHUMER: Mr. President, Act 77 was passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 2019 when Republicans held a majority in both houses. Among other electoral reforms, the bill provided for absentee voting and extended registration deadlines. At the time, Republicans in the state legislature assumed that mail-in votes would increase participation from seniors who tend to like Republicans. Every single Republican senator voted for the bill.
In the State House, 105 Pennsylvania Republicans voted for the bill and two voted no. That was 2019. A year later, a year later, Donald Trump, who had suffered a severe loss in the 2020 presidential election, yelled badly and lied and lied that his election was stolen like a petulant child. One of his favorite boys, as we all know, was the postal vote. A little over a year after 132 Pennsylvania Republicans voted for Act 77 with only two votes against, they tabled a bill repealing Act 77, a bill that Republicans passed when they were still in office, most of them only just beginning one year ago.
Mr President, at the heart of the modern Republican Party is rot, rot. Donald Trump's big lie has spread like a cancer and threatens to envelop one of America's major political parties. Worse still, it has poisoned our democracy, eroded confidence in our elections, which is so detrimental to people's future confidence in this democracy. And, of course, it was the game that sparked wildfire of Republican voter suppression laws that swept across the country.
Because of the lie of one man, Republicans are now committing the insidious act of voting against millions of Americans, millions of Americans, making it much harder for them to vote, and many, many, many will not.

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