Scientists discover sitting around all day raises your risk of cancer - and early death

Researchers found that even light exercises can work wonders for your health (Getty Images)
While there has been a recent surge in those turning to sports, coronavirus blocking has likely caused many people to become much more sedentary.
However, a new study has shown how harmful sitting around the whole day can be for your health.
Researchers have found that inactivity can increase the risk of cancer and even lead to premature death.
The results published in the journal JAMA Oncology also showed that even light physical activity can help to counteract this.
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Indeed, swapping half an hour of sitting with one movement could help lower your risk.
As part of the study, the researchers interviewed 8,000 participants - none of whom initially had cancer - to determine how active they were between 2009 and 2013.
The scientists found that those who spent most of their time sitting were 82% more likely to have died of cancer than the least sedentary.
This also happened after taking age, gender and illness into account.
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Similarly, those who exercise for 30 minutes, such as walking, reduced their cancer risk by 8%.
Even better, half an hour of moderate activity - such as brisk walking, cycling, or dancing - cut the number by 31%.
Dr. Susan Gilchrist, the study's lead author, said, “Talking to my patients always starts with why they don't have time to exercise.
“I ask them to get up at work for 5 minutes every hour or to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
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“It may not sound like much, but this study shows that even light activities have benefits for cancer survival.
"Our results confirm that it is important to sit less and exercise more."
"Adding 30 minutes of exercise to your daily life can reduce your risk of dying from cancer."
According to a survey published last month, the majority of people are currently using exercise to manage their mental health during the pandemic.
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Sport England's Mental Health Awareness Week research showed that 63% of people remained active during the first six weeks of the ban to take care of their thoughts.
It turned out that people have been turning to fitness since late March due to movement restrictions.
This included exercising at home, running in the park and walking or cycling to the shops to learn the basics.
Initially, the government allowed people to leave their homes for local activities once a day and sanctioned unlimited movement in early May.
The survey also found that concerns about leaving the house have subsided over time - 60% worried about it in the first fortnight and 47% at week six of the ban.
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