Scott Addict Gravel 10 review

Scott Addict Kies 10
The Scott Addict Gravel 10 is the best gravel bike in Scott's range, and although it borrows the nickname Addict from the brand's road section, it's definitely not just a racing bike with wider tires.
With a completely revised geometry, the Addict Gravel was conceived from the ground up as a completely different animal. This XL frame (58 cm) has a 5 mm longer reach, a 14 mm higher stack, 12 mm longer chainstays, a 48 mm longer wheelbase and a 2.3 degree slack head angle.
With the expansion of gravel discipline, a spectrum of niches becomes visible, and while some motorcycles equip themselves with short stems, wide bars and smaller wheels to be used as trail whips, the Addict RC still remains at the end of the expressway offer. With 700C wheels, fast rolling tires, 42 cm poles with little flare and a double set of chains, you have to pin a number - I'm sure this will last with a pair of the best road bike tires until your Tuesday night crit without problems. It's just a shame that nobody can, at least a few more months.
The distances are increased - as expected, since they are 35c tires. In order to take into account the additional load from gravel, all pipe shapes are noticeably stronger. Nevertheless, the Addict Gravel 10 weighs only 9.07 kg in a 58 cm frame.
There are three models in the Addict Gravel range, which differ by a numerical suffix of 30, 20 or 10 - all have the same carbon frameset. For price-conscious customers, Scott also produces the aluminum Speedster with three other technical options.
Women are also catered for, with a lone carbon fiber model called Contessa Addict and two aluminum Contessa Speedster motorcycles.
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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Scott Addict Kies 10
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There is no doubt that Scott's HMX carbon fiber has the greatest range of technical capabilities, as is used on her best racing bikes. However, the paint wrapped in it is a much more interesting focus. The pearlescent purple-blue stripe is breathtaking. It's also amazingly difficult to photograph, so you'll have to take our word for it, but the way the sun catches and shimmers really screams that the Addict Gravel 10 is off the top shelf.
There is no denying that the bike is designed as a gravel racing bike, even the frame is described by Scott as "gravel racing geometry". Speaking of which, at 602 mm the Addict Gravel has a 60 mm lower stack than a Merida Silex + of the same size and over 30 mm less than the 58 cm 2021 Specialized Diverge.
Scott Addict Kies 10
With the 700C wheels, it rolls quickly over all types of terrain, and the 2x group offers a highest gear of 48 x 11 - just two teeth away from a compact road chain set. At the other end, the 31 x 34 gearbox smoothes the hills effortlessly, and although the spread of gears means larger jumps between the individual sprockets, the crisp shifting from the GRX Di2 group means that even rolling road terrain can be mastered without any problems.
More evidence that the Addict Gravel is a racing bike for racers comes when you're looking for additional bottle or bag holders. While our recently tested 3T Exploro offers attachment points on every occasion, the Addict Gravel only has the usual down tube and seat tube bottle holder brackets. Day adventurers may want to look elsewhere, although the Velcro closure of bikepacking bags may nullify this problem for most.
Scott Addict Kies 10
While some crushed stone machines have followed the street scene of integrated cockpits for aerodynamic gain, we're happy to see that Scott kept things simple and easy to maintain. While there may be a watt or two to save, the four-hour soul-destroying rebuild really isn't worth it for anyone who wants to change the stem length. As it seems to be common with Scott, Torx screws are used by default, so you'll need to check your multitool before you set off, just in case.
The bike is not designed for 650B bikes, and although Scott does not specify tire approval, the mounted 35c Schwalbe G-One tires have a lot of space in the front, less, but still a good 10 mm on both sides.
Scott Addict Kies 10
Components and build
The Addict 10 is equipped with the new gravel wheels from Syncros, the Captial 1.0 X40. A 40 mm deep carbon rim, which measures 23 mm inside, is laced with a stable but not exaggerated 28 spokes on the Syncros Straightpull hubs. Weighing just 1,616 g per set, they are on par with many aero bikes of similar depth from the world of paved roads and are also much more impact resistant - as I may have found when I encountered a dried tractor tire furrow that was hard enough to to turn the bars down.
The tires come from Schwalbe with the 35 mm wide G-One Evo. The tubeless setup was first on the agenda, and at every opportunity they went on without a lever, then sat up and were inflated even before sealant was added. A refreshing reminder of how easy tubeless should be.
Scott Addict Kies 10
The tires roll surprisingly quickly over asphalt, so I wasn't sure how much grip I would get off-road if I was going for the first test drive. I was wrong, and the tires on this front outdid themselves in both wet and dry conditions. The only problem I've found is fragility. On the first ride, after a little over 20 km driving, I managed to tear off a sidewall and write off a tire while climbing over not too sharp rocky terrain.
The Addict Gravel 10 is equipped with Shimano's GRX Di2 gravel-specific group. While the group can be configured as a 1x setup, the Scott carries the 2x chain set with 11-34 cassette on the back. For the type of riding this bike is likely to see beneath me, this works better than the alternative 40.11-42T setup, as it offers more space for short and steep British climbs and fast routes on both ends of the asphalt between bridleways . Racers may prefer the lighter weight and added simplicity of a 1x setup, but the durability of Di2 is enough to enjoy using it, and only the rickety mud - think of levels in the middle south - would make me do it to change.
As my esteemed colleague Graham emphasized in his latest Merida Silex + 8000 E-Test, the outstanding feature of GRX Di2 is the ergonomic hood shape. With a curve of the bonnet to the rear, the hands feel in place and with a new lever shape and a higher pivot point, the braking force of the bonnet is excellent. Overall bonnet control is by far the best of everything I've tested, and the advantage of not having to change hand positions halfway through a rough descent is one that will one day prevent a crash. I'm sure.
Shimano gravel groups
Scott Addict Kies 10
The finishing kit comes from Scott's in-house component brand Syncros. Like the wheels, the carbon fiber can be found everywhere. The Tofino saddle with carbon railing is a neutral, well-designed seat that is easily cut off without being too short and has medium padding so it shouldn't contradict many. I can only speak for my own comfort, but with early impressions I have found no negatives.
The Syncros Creston poles are also made of carbon fiber and are flared, if only slightly, which means that the distance to the wrist is ensured without the open mountain bike posture that excessive flared poles can cause.
Early impressions
An out-and-out road bike designed to be stuck on a number will always be difficult to test in the midst of a global pandemic where the race was canceled, but after a couple of two to three-hour rides of varying intensity in the punchy Somerset landscape, I am totally impressed.
On the road, the bike is as fast and responsive as many road bikes I have ridden and even got me a few Strava Top 10. Off-road is just as impressive and offers a surprising amount of grip, even when it gets wet. The wide aisle area leaves no excuses for the road to face north, and control through the GRX Di2 bonnets provides the confidence to send them back south.
The niche subdivisions of gravel driving mean that consumer priorities vary based on fitness, preferences and location. The large amount of gravel bikes available today covers the full range of these needs, and the Addict is sure to be at the faster and racy end of this range.
It will appeal to most gravel racers who want just that from their gravel bike, but if you want to explore your local network of bridle paths and forests and want a fast, performance-oriented bike that can do this, there are no many better than the Addict Gravel 10. However, the lack of attachment points and thus the versatility could be a bit daunting for those who one day venture into the wilderness for a multi-day epic.
Specifications: Scott Addict Gravel 10
Price: 6,499 USD / 5,899 GBP / 6,499 EUR
Frame: HMX carbon
Size: XL / 58cm
Weight: 58 cm
Group set: Shimano GRX 810 Di2
Crankset: Shimano GRX 800 48/31
Wheels: Syncros Capital 1.0
Tires: Schwalbe G-ONE Evolution, 700x35c
Brakes: Shimano GRX 810, 160 mm rotors
Bars: Syncros Creston 1.0 flare
Strain: Syncros RR1.5
Seat post: Syncros Duncan1.0
Saddle: Syncros Tofino Regular 1.0 Cutout

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