Scott Speedman to be the next big ol' creeper on Netflix's You

Applying the valuable lessons he learned long ago from his old mentor / stalker Felicity Porter, Scott Speedman is committed to playing a character we'll just get on with and assuming he's Netflix's perpetual stalker You will sneak massive drama. That's a pretty safe bet, as it turns out that every character on You usually exhibits some degree of twist and obsession at some point, because who else would the show find to keep Penn Badgley's resident Monster Joe company?
This is according to Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Speedman - whose most recent credits include TNT's Animal Kingdom - signed up for the show's third season as Matthew, a "successful CEO, husband and non-communicative father" who does a good creepy one there Adjective used, Netflix ad copy. And if that wasn't bad enough, Matthew is also "reserved, mysterious, and has a tendency to withdraw ... all of which masks a deep source of emotion underneath," so, yes, at least multiple killers, right?
As part of your nature you tend to cycle through characters pretty quickly, but right now, Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are playing as Joe and his newest obsession, Love, trying to find your way around this fun old world where literally everyone is at least a complete idiot and in the worst case, there is a special vault where the people they love are locked in, Mr. Belvedere-In-A-Big-Glass-Jar style.
Anyway, congratulations to Speedman for evaluating the new role, and congratulations to us for referring to that very old Saturday Night Live sketch for probably the hundredth time to date.

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