Sean McVay understands why Washington is changing its team name

Sean McVay understands why Washington is changing its name, which originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
Before Sean McVay was in charge of the Los Angeles Rams and was considered one of the best young coaches in the NFL, he was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football team.
When McVay held that role in Washington in 2016, the team apparently had a different name.
Earlier this summer, Washington announced the resignation of the team's old name and logo after major corporate sponsors pushed for a change. A few weeks later, the club announced that they would be temporarily renamed the Washington Football Team until they went through a thorough process of choosing a new nickname.
McVays Rams travel to Washington in week 5. This is the first time the head coach has returned to his former home since leaving. McVay was also asked about Washington's name change amid a series of football questions on Wednesday.
"I would say that - any time there is a chance that someone would be offended by this, I would always stand on my side, being sensitive to those feelings and circumstances," said McVay in support of the change.
While the head coach admitted that he was not "sufficiently trained" on the subject to really talk about it, he made it clear that if some people are offended by the name, then it has to be done.
"It wasn't something I'm probably educated enough about to really talk about, other than trying to empathize with people whenever there is a weakness," said McVay. "And if so, I don't." I think you can ever be too careful of being considerate of people's feelings when it is found to be offensive. So I think that's what it is right now. "
Washington's team name will be the last thing that comes to mind on Sunday for McVay as the head coach focuses on taking down a Burgundy and Gold squad looking to locate a new quarterback.
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