See if You Can Spot the Playing Card in the Midst of the New Year's Eve Shenanigans

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Just because New Year's Eve may look a little different this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, doesn't mean you can't look forward to welcoming the New Year. And this New Years Eve search puzzle is a great way to stay in the vacation spirit until 2021.
LeoVegas, a mobile casino, has teamed up with professional puzzle experts to do some festive brain teasers in hopes of bringing a little more joy to everyone this different holiday season. The company surveyed 500 attendees, and according to a press release, only 4% of them were able to find all of the hidden items within 4 to 5 minutes.
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In this search puzzle, you will have to discover the playing card in the sea of ​​New Year's items like champagne bottles, fireworks, martini glasses, party hats, NYE decorations and more. Check if you can find the game card:
Image credit: LeoVegas
Thirty percent of the puzzle solvers in LeoVegas' survey found the game card within 10 seconds, but whether or not it is you doesn't matter. Some people take longer to complete brain teasers while others can do it in a flash. Either way, finding the playing card will be a fun experience and it is sure to bring a smile to your face.
The solution for searching and finding puzzles can be found below. So you may not want to scroll any further if you want to solve the brain teaser yourself.
Return now - while you can.
It's coming.
I meant it.
Last chance.
Image credit: LeoVegas
Hopefully this New Year's Eve search puzzle got you in the holiday mood at least a little bit more. This year-end celebration might be a little different, but you can still make the most of it. Happy Holidays!
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