See Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s Kids on the First Day of 8th Grade

It's the start of school - times eight!
Nadya Suleman, aka "Octomom," took to social media to share the first day of eighth grade with eight youngest children - Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah and Makai.
"Be proud of yourselves kids for being kind, respectful and helpful to all your fellow students, teachers and staff," she wrote on Instagram Aug. 17, along with a photo of the octuplets all standing in a line and smiling . “You are exceptional role models for the 6th and 7th graders. I love you."
Suleman - whose name is now Natalie - also addressed why her other six children weren't in the photo, adding, "Side note for critics: Her older siblings didn't want me to post a picture on their first day." I respect her choice, and so should you."
The 47-year-old is also mom to Elijah, 21, Ameerah, 20, Joshua, 19, Aidan, 16, and twins Calyssa and Caleb, 15.
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The sweet social media post comes seven months after Suleman paid tribute to the octuplets as they celebrated their 13th birthday.
"You are all growing up to be some of the kindest, humblest, most grateful and loving people I have ever known," she wrote on Jan. 28, along with a throwback photo of her children. "Each of you possesses rare and unique qualities and is unlike any other child your age, especially in our society today."
She continued, “I have never seen children who love and serve others (especially the less fortunate ones) as boldly and confidently as each and every one of you. I don't know what I could possibly have done to deserve such a blessing."
In 2009, Suleman made headlines when she welcomed her octuplets to California. The single mom, nicknamed "Octomom" by the press, has been thrust into the spotlight. In the years that followed, Suleman made numerous television appearances and even directed an adult film.
In a profile for The New York Times published in 2018, Suleman opened up about the person she said was during the intense media spotlight.
"I pretended to be a fake, a caricature, which I'm not, and I did it out of desperation and lack so I could provide for my family," Suleman said. "I've been hiding from the real world my whole life."
Jeff Fusco/Getty Images
In the profile, Suleman insisted that she "never wanted the attention" and suffered from PTSD as a result.
"I used to take everything I could and I let them in," she continued, "I screwed myself into a dark hole. There were no healthy choices for Octomom. I did what I was told and said what I was told. If you pretend to be something you are not, at least to me, you end up falling on your face.”
These days, Suleman prefers to live her life away from the limelight and focus on her family.
“Octomom was created by media. I believe most media is filtered and fake. They created this cartoon," Suleman told the NYT. "Once I finally ran away from all the pretense, I could be myself."
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