See the moment twins surprise their stepmom with an adoption request on Mother's Day

Mothers and mother figures were celebrated on Mother's Day last Sunday - and one stepmother had the surprise of her life.
Becky Ruvolo, 37, is the stepmother of two 20-year-old identical twin stepdaughters, Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo. For the holidays, the girls gave Becky a photo album celebrating her family over the years.
The touching moment was caught on camera - and the shot captured an even more incredible surprise.
In one clip, Becky, who has been the twins' stepmother for 12 years, reads aloud from the album.
"You're family, you're home, you're the true definition of what a mother is... With that said, we have one thing to ask of you," Becky reads in part.
In the book, Julianna and Gabriella asked their stepmother the big question: would she legally adopt them?
Becky didn't even read the adoption proposal out loud; Instead, she tearfully replied, "Really?" before collapsing onto the table and beginning to sob into her hands.
The emotional moment was captured on camera.
Her two stepdaughters joined the waterworks and each wiped away tears before the three began hugging.
In an extended video shared by Newsflare, more of Julianna and Gabriella's sweet feelings were shared as Becky began reading her message.
"Happy Mother's Day Mom," the note began. "There aren't enough words in the world to thank you for what you've done for us. For the past 12 years you have taught us the true meaning of unconditional love and what a mother's love should be. More than that, you've become our best friend, someone we can count on, and someone we can look up to and aspire to be as we grow."
Becky said her request was "the best gift" and admitted she's "been wanting this for so long," a sentiment shared by Julianna and Gabriella.
The twins felt that Becky wouldn't object to her question, so they had already prepared the adoption papers and organized them in folders, which they then presented to Becky after she said yes.
All Becky had to say was, "Get me a pen!"

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