Sen Ted Cruz Wades Into Ron Perlman Twitter Battle, Tries to Start Fight With Rep Jim Jordan

Senator Ted Cruz jumped into battle between Rep. Matt Gaetz and actor Ron Perlman on Monday.
Cruz, a Texas GOP senator, snatched Perlman on Twitter shortly after midnight, Eastern Time, when Perlman glanced at Rep. Jim Jordan's appearance.
"Listen, Hellboy. You're talking good game if you have Hollywood makeup & stuntmen. But I bet $ 10,000 - to the apolitical charity of your choice - that you wouldn't be able to last 5 minutes in the wrestling ring without @Jim_Jordan without getting stuck. Are you ready for it Or does your publicist say too risky? "he tweeted.
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Quite quickly, Cruz was reminded that Jordan's wrestling record was pretty full. He was accused of knowing that the doctor of the Ohio State wrestling team was bothering players while he was training the team. The representative has denied knowing anything of the sort.
Historian Kevin M. Kruse replied sarcastically: "Yes, yes, let's talk about Jim Jordan's wrestling days, that's a smart move here."
Perlman wrote back: "I'm telling you what a teddy boy, since mentioning Jim Jordan and wrestling is ... problematic, why don't we say f - k and just make it to you and me. I'm going to become Black Lives Give Matter 50,000 and you can keep all the tax money you thought of. "
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"I understand you're rich. But apparently soft. You sure seem to be afraid to fight Jordan (whom you keep insulting). Can't stand the heat? Need a manicure?" Answered Cruz.
Perlman struck back: "Teddy, Teddy, what kind of muthaf-ka offers to kick another man who is probably asleep?"
He kept pushing Cruz to fight him one on one, but Cruz hadn't tweeted about the issue until Monday afternoon.
The original fight began when Gaetz said on Twitter last week that he was planning to write a bill that would force athletes on USSF teams to stand during the anthem. Some American football players, such as two-time world champion Megan Rapinoe, have made headlines in the past for kneeling during the traditional pre-match game of "The Star-Spangled Banner".
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Perlman responded sharply this weekend, tagging Gaetz and Donald Trump in a tweet that read, "The US soccer team called and you guessed it ... said they couldn't give less f-k about what you both think."
The exchange only got hotter from then on when Gaetz attacked Perlman as a "warrior of racial justice" who "had no problem in Hollywood with portraying the white supremacist leader of a motorcycle gang". Perlman replied with the words: “So it's worth playing a-h-s on TV. Tell me, sir, what is it like to be one? "
Gaetz's blow to Perlman's "Sons of Anarchy" role did not land as hoped. Hundreds of Twitter users mocked Congressman for trying to mistake real life for fiction, while others suggested that his comment on "Sons of Anarchy" was not entirely accurate, since SAMCRO was not strictly a white Supremacist M.C.
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