Senate Democrats lose vote to advance bipartisan infrastructure deal Biden wants

Senate Democrats lost an important test vote on Wednesday to advance a bipartisan infrastructure deal - after Republicans involved in the talks said they needed more time to finalize details before they could help Democrats cross the 60-vote threshold Reaching out to the Senate to begin the debate on the bill.
While Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's efforts failed, earning him and President Joe Biden at least a temporary high priority political loss, the President backed Schumer's strategy early Wednesday in the White House of accelerating negotiations on the measure that 1, Spend $ 2 trillion on "traditional infrastructure".
The partisan defeat by 49-51 votes belied the comity behind the scenes as a bipartisan group of 11 senators worked feverishly behind the scenes to finalize the terms of their package to fund major public works, from bridges and highways to the public Transit and broadband.
"This vote is not a deadline to work out every last detail. It is not an attempt to disturb anyone," said Schumer on Wednesday morning before the afternoon showdown in the Senate.
"According to the negotiators who were spurred on by this vote this afternoon, they are close to finalizing their product," he argued. "Even Republicans have agreed that the deadline has brought them forward faster. We all want the same thing here - pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. But to get the bill ready, we have to start first."
Key Republican negotiators in the bipartisan group of senators who tried to work the deal believe they can close it by Monday.
“We are making tremendous progress and I hope the majority leader will reconsider the vote and postpone the vote to Monday. That's not a huge requirement of him, ”Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins told reporters on Monday morning.
The group huddled behind closed doors for over two hours on Tuesday evening over Mexican food and wine, but left without settling any differences over how they paid for the package.
Schumer, say the Republicans, is aware of their position that a vote by next week would increase the chances of success.
Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, told reporters Wednesday afternoon that 10 Republicans had signed a letter to Schumer showing their readiness to support the bill on Monday.
He said it was his understanding that "Führer Schumer wanted to understand whether there are ten Republicans in favor of being put on the bill, and we have implied: yes, there are ten. Probably more."
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PHOTO: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., looks at his notes as he speaks to reporters about a procedural vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal negotiated with President Joe Biden at the Capitol in Washington on July 20, 2021. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP)
Negotiators said Tuesday that there are about six remaining issues with the bipartisan bill, the most delicate of which is how to structure public transport spending.
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At the same time, senior lawmakers expects the legislation to be finalized by Monday, and that includes the bipartisan analysis from various agencies breaking down all the funding options, the amount of revenue and the final price.
Republicans in particular will try to show that the new $ 579 billion spending has been paid for in full.
PHOTO: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Along with Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, will meet after a weekly strategy lunch at the Washington Capitol on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 to discuss To meet reporters. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP)
Since the failure seemed certain, Schumer changed his vote to the losing side at the last minute and enabled him, as majority leader, to call the vote again for review according to the rules of the Senate.
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PHOTO: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Joe Biden speak briefly to reporters as they arrive at the U.S. Capitol for a Democratic Senate lunch in Washington on July 14, 2021. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)
The vote on Wednesday is set to start the debate on a Shell bill as there is no final bill from the negotiators. It would act as a placeholder should the negotiators reach a final agreement.
The move is separate from a much larger bill that Biden and the Democrats are pushing for that would spend $ 3.5 trillion on so-called "human infrastructure" like childcare.
The Democrats plan to get this through the Senate without a Republican vote using a budgetary instrument called "reconciliation."
Senate Democrats are losing their vote to advance a bipartisan infrastructure deal that Biden initially plans to post on

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