Several news outlets have stopped publishing the ‘Dilbert’ cartoon due to racially charged comments made by its creator, Scott Adams.

Following a racially charged podcast rant by creator Scott Adams, newspapers around the United States have stopped publishing the “Dilbert” cartoon. During an episode of his online program “Coffee with Scott Adams,” Adams suggested that white people should avoid Black people and referred to them as a “hate group.” The Dilbert comic strip, which has been in circulation for over thirty years, has become a media phenomenon with numerous books, a video game, an animated TV series, and a wide range of merchandise. In 1997, Adams received the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award, the organization’s most prestigious award. However, following Adams’ recent comments, several newspapers, including The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, have stopped running the cartoon. The Plain Dealer’s editor published a statement declaring that they do not tolerate racism and will no longer publish the Dilbert comic strip. Other news outlets, such as MLive Media in Michigan, have also followed suit, vowing to find a suitable replacement for Dilbert that does not violate decency and respect for others.

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