Shailene Woodley Opened Up About Why Her Romance With Aaron Rodgers Moved So Fast

Shailene Woodley
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When Aaron Rodgers announced his engagement at the 2021 NFL Honors Awards in February, I think I can speak for everyone in the room if I say my jaw dropped. Rumors that he and Shailene Woodley had a possible romantic spark floated in the air, but neither of us knew wedding bells were in the air too! Over time (and fabulous dates with other celebrity couples), pairing them up makes more and more sense. Plus, the two of them are absolutely adorable together.
Woodley knows there are some skeptics out there, however, and in her July / August cover story for Shape magazine she goes all out, believing that she would have “met Aron in any context, at any time, because I got the feeling got that we were meant to be together. "
As two people who lead very active lifestyles, The Last Letter From Your Lover actress recalled that the two learned a lot about each other beforehand in the relationship. "Starting a relationship where you move in with someone immediately - because it's a pandemic and you can't just get on a plane and go back and forth on the weekend - taught us a lot about each other very quickly," she said.
"We jumped in headlong and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early," she continued.
Woodley, who saw no one but her dog for three months at the start of the pandemic, ended 2020 and started the new year with Rodgers who lived together in a room in Montreal. She was preparing for her next project and he was preparing to host Jeopardy.
Since Rodgers confirmed that the two were not only together but engaged, the couple has been romping around from Walt Disney World to the Kentucky Derby and even on vacation in Hawaii with Woodley's divergent co-star Miles Teller and wife Keleigh Sperry.
You have not yet shared any details about wedding planning, but we are sitting on the edge of our seats full of anticipation!
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