Shakira on Protecting Her Sons amid Gerard Piqué Split: 'My Number One Mission in Life'

Shakira Opens Up About Protecting Sons During Divorce: 'This Is My Most Important Mission In Life'
Jaume de Laiguana
Shakira relies on her maternal instincts as she splits from longtime partner Gerard Piqué.
The 45-year-old "Hips Don't Lie" singer, who appeared on the digital cover of ELLE in October 2022, has spoken openly about protecting her children amid her split from the soccer star. The two share sons Sasha (7) and Milan (9).
Noting that "it's hard to talk about, especially because I'm still going through it," the singer explained that the constant presence of paparazzi outside her home and the various headlines made a difficult public situation that much more difficult had.
“There is no place I can hide from them with my children except in my own home. You know, we can't walk in the park like a normal family or have an ice cream or do any activities without paparazzi following us," she said.
Despite the difficult circumstances, Shakira did everything possible to "hide" the situation from her children.
"I try to do it and protect her because that's my most important mission in life," she continued.
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Shakira Opens Up About Protecting Sons During Divorce: 'This Is My Most Important Mission In Life'
Jaume de Laiguana
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The situation in Barcelona - where the former The Voice coach put down her roots in support of Piqué's career and her children's education - was frustrating for Shakira as a mother.
"You deserve a normal life. It's just a total circus and everyone speculates about all these aspects of our lives, and more importantly, our children's lives, and a lot of it isn't even true," she said of Situation when it comes to the kids.
The pressure is also tough as she works to develop a co-parenting relationship with Piqué.
"Regardless of how things ended or how Gerard and I feel about each other as exes, he is the father of my children. We have work to do for these two incredible guys and I am confident that we will figure out what is best for their future, their own life dreams and what is a fair solution for all involved," she said, adding: "And I hope and would appreciate it if we were given the space to do that privately."
Shakira and children
shakira/ instagram
Shakira navigates the situation with her children while dealing with her own feelings about the breakup.
"For women like me who believe in values ​​like family, who had the dream, the big dream, of having a family forever, seeing that dream shattered is probably one of the most painful things to ever go through or torn to pieces. she remarked.
Elsewhere in the interview, Shakira reflected on the time she took from her career and said she had no regrets.
"I mean, one of us had to make a sacrifice, right?" she said, adding later. "And I did it. I put my career into second gear and came to Spain to support him so he could play football and win trophies. And it was a love sacrifice."
"Thanks to that, my kids have been able to have a present mother, and I have this amazing bond with them that is unbreakable and sustains us," she said. "You know, that's it. That's all I can say."

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