Shaun White Bleaches His Signature Red Hair an Icy Blonde Shade — See How Fans Are Reacting

Shaun White has a new job.
The professional snowboarder, whose impressive tricks and fiery red hair earned him the nickname "Flying Tomato" after the 2006 Olympic Games, exchanged his characteristic color for an ice-blonde hue, which he debuted on Friday in an Instagram selfie.
"Shaun le blanc ??" White, 33, wrote next to the photo.
Many of White's fans and followers praised his new look, while some admitted that they already missed his red hair. Other social media users followed the lead of the snowboarders, joking and wordplay about the cool color in the comment section.
"I look forward to having your natural color grow out again so you can get frosted tips !!" said an Instagram user. Another person wrote: "What is good Snow White?"
A third added: "Now the flying Alfredo?"
White actress, Nina Dobrev, dropped an emoji with a white heart under the photo and seemed to approve of his dramatic hair change.
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Earlier in the day, the three-time Olympic gold medalist teased the big unveiling by posting an Instagram photo of himself in the middle of the bleaching process that made a "shushing" motion with his index finger.
"?" he labeled the snapshot. Dobrev, 31, also hinted that her boyfriend went blonde by leaving a ghost emoji in the comment section.
And this is not the first time that the new couple is connecting across a hair change. Last month, actress The Vampire Diaries and the Olympian made their social media debut along with posts in which Dobrev White gave a haircut.
"Add to CV: hairdresser ✂️", she wrote in the caption of her photo with white.
Nina Dobrev / Instagram Nina Dobrev, Shaun White
At the moment, the actress held up a pair of scissors while her snowboard fan watched with a frightened expression on her face. Dobrev also included a boomerang in the mail that showed the large amount of hair she had cut.
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White shared his own post with the headline: "My hairdresser said he wouldn't, so did she?"
"#QuarantineCuts," added the athlete alongside before and after photos of his new Thursday and an accelerated video of Dobrev working on his hair.
PEOPLE reported on the couple's relationship last month. A source said, "Your friends were initially surprised by the relationship, but now that they have seen them together, it actually makes a lot of sense."
"They are both goofy and have a similar sense of humor and are super adventurous," added the source. "They have a lot in common."

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