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In the second half of I Am Shauna Rae's second season, a new romance could be brewing.
In the TLC series midseason teaser, shared exclusively with PEOPLE, Shauna Rae's online love interest Dan finally gets to meet her and her family in person.
"Dan is in town for a few weeks so we're going to use this time to get to know each other," Shauna tells the cameras.
In another confessional, she confirms that "Dan and I kissed," adding, "I'll just make that public."
He later speaks to cameras about what makes Shauna so special. "I see Shauna as this incredible 23-year-old woman who just so happens to be a little short," says Dan.
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Meet Shauna Rae's new love interest Dan - as he meets her family in new TLC teaser
Shauna then describes the couple's travel plans - possibly even to Europe, where Dan is from.
"Dan wants to travel with me in the next few months," she tells cameras.
As they ride in the car together, Dan says, "There are other places more exciting than Long Island, but we'll be back to see you. We could continue exploring Long Island, or you can join me and we could explore something different first step."
Later in the trailer, there may be some awkward moments between Dan and a man Shauna dated earlier this season: Tom. When her family throws a charity event, Shauna's two love interests find themselves in the same room - and things may not go smoothly.
"I let Dan know I had a date with Tommy," says Shauna. "It's not my fault if they have a problem."
It's still unknown if Shauna and Dan's love will fizzle out or continue to grow. However, love isn't the only thing Shauna thinks about in the midseason trailer. She is also learning to drive and live on her own.
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Meet Shauna Rae's new love interest Dan - as he meets her family in new TLC teaser
As she gets into her car, her mother is sitting in the passenger seat and says, "I'm excited, excited, and scared to ride with Shauna." A near-collision occurs as Shauna pulls off the curb and another car drives by .
Shauna is also hosting a toga party, at which the reality star tells the cameras, "I think the cure for any party is more shots."
To top it off, Shauna will be moving out of her family home and into an apartment in New York City. She considers it a "trial run" to see if living alone really suits her.
"This is a good opportunity to assess my well-being," says Shauna.
She will also continue to discuss her future - from living alone and college to a possible world trip with Dan. "There are many important decisions that I have to make next that will drastically affect my life," she says.
I Am Shauna Rae premiered on TLC in January 2022. The series follows Shauna, a 23-year-old with pituitary dwarfism, and the challenges of living with the condition that has left her under 4 feet tall.
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Episodes of I Am Shauna Rae Season 2 air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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