She thought a man was rescuing her in Key West. But she was attacked again, police say

A woman sexually assaulted on a Key West street thought another man who suddenly showed up would save her - but instead he took her to a city landmark and attacked her again, police said.
The second man in a silver SUV drove them from near the Monroe County Courthouse to Southernmost Point on Whitehead Street on the edge of the ocean. There he dragged her out of the vehicle with his hand in front of his mouth and attacked her behind the large replica buoy where, according to an arrest report, tourists line up for vacation photos during the day.
The report, released Tuesday by the Key West Police Department, contains explicit details about the violence beginning on Duval Street. It also shows that the police have video footage that identifies the two suspects and explains the crimes that were reported in the early hours of September 10th.
Kerry Calvin Gasag, 37, of Key West, was arrested on Sept. 11 and charged with sexual assault, wrongful detention and destruction of evidence after police said he drove the woman from Fleming Street to Southernmost Point, where he was attacked her.
Jorge Calderon Nunez, 30, also from Key West, was arrested on September 17 for sexual assault, along with a burglary charge from a previous incident, after police said he assaulted the same woman on 300 block off Fleming Street. Gasag stopped the attack, police said, only to take the woman to the southernmost point to attack her.
Gasag told police he was traveling for Uber when he was dragged into Fleming Street by a woman's scream and saved her from a man who "had sex" with her there, police reported.
The woman, said Gasag, thanked him and asked him to take her to the Casa Marina Resort. During the drive, he said, the woman rubbed her leg and asked her to stop at Southernmost Point. He said he stopped there and the two went behind the buoy to have sex.
However, police said they had a video from the webcam on the landmark showing him dragging her behind the buoy "while clearly trying to withdraw". The attack lasted several minutes.
Gasag repeatedly told them the woman did not yell for help or fight, "like someone who is raped does," the report said. "Just like they do in movies," he added quickly.
Gasag said he had returned to Southernmost Point to get the woman's denim shorts, adding it was a stupid thing and he tossed them somewhere between the buoy and his house in New Town.
One of the people who called the police about the incident was a dispatcher in Boston watching the Southernmost Point webcam. He told them he believed he was watching "an ongoing rape," according to the arrest report.
Court records do not list attorneys representing Gasag and Calderon Nunez. Both remain detained in the County Jail on Stock Island.
An iPhone video captured clues
After the attack at Southernmost Point, the woman was found running on the street wearing only a top. Police took the woman to the Lower Keys Medical Center and later interviewed her in her room at Casa Marina. She is not mentioned in the arrest report and no residential address is given.
She said she started the night walking from the resort to the 900 block on Duval Street for dinner, which included four or five glasses of wine. After she left, she walked a few blocks to a bar.
"Much of her memory is missing," said the police when she got to the bar on Duval. She remembered speaking to a man and getting into his little silver SUV.
At some point she realized that she was in a "bad situation" and wanted to get out of the vehicle, but was brought down by the man and sexually abused. When the man turned away, she ran.
Police later found her phone near the intersection of Waddell Avenue and Alberta, near Casa Marina. When the police searched her iPhone, the woman discovered a seven-minute video. It turned out that she was attacked not just once on September 10th.
The video, which begins at 1:30 am, begins with the woman "crying hysterically" and a man who later identifies as Calvin telling another man to "stop," according to an affidavit in Calderon Nunez 'Case file. Calvin, who was later identified as Gasag according to the police, tells the man: "Stop means stop" and asks the woman to stand up.
"This is my Chica, don't look at her," says the man who, according to police, is Calderon Nunez.
Police said they later found a video from the camera of a restaurant on Duval Street showing Calderon Nunez with the woman on Fleming Street about 17 minutes before his attack. The GPS coordinates marked on the woman's iPhone video led the police to Block 300 in Fleming, where they confirmed that the video was recorded.
In the video, Gasag offers to take the woman to Casa Marina, where she was staying. Police said the woman's testimony shows she believes the driver will save her from the attack on Fleming Street.
Gasag starts talking about the incident and the woman says she just wants to go home. He tells her that he heard her tell the man on Fleming several times to stop, but he wouldn't.
Gasag asks: "You want me to f --- you?" And she tells him "stubbornly" that she is not interested and wants to get out of the car immediately, the police said. He tells her he could have had her “f --- ed” in the bushes and wants to know why she doesn't want that. The woman panics, police said, and the video stops when she gets out of the vehicle.
Police said a webcam shows Gasag forcing the woman to go behind the buoy at Southernmost Point. After a few minutes, the woman appears only partially dressed in the camera's field of vision. She falls to the ground but regains her balance and sprints east on South Street.
Gasag then appears in the webcam video as he walks over to his silver Nissan Rogue.
A few minutes after the attack, he is seen in the rogue. He gets out and goes behind the buoy, takes a pair of jeans shorts, gets back into his vehicle and drives away.

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