She wrote ’911’ on her hand. That was enough to alert locksmith to danger, Utah cops say

A vigilant locksmith in Utah is credited with rescuing a woman from abduction, officials say.
Authorities said the locksmith changed the locks on the front door of a women's shelter in Midway, a town about 30 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, on Oct.2, the Deseret News reported. When he changed the lock, the woman showed her hand and he saw "911" on her skin, the newspaper reported.
A man in the house stayed suspiciously close to the woman during his visit, the locksmith later told the Wasatch County sheriff's office, and she had to ask him to flip her phone when it was time to pay the bill, KSTU reported.
"That kind of was another little red flag," said the locksmith, identified only as Greg by the news agency. "She shows me the 911 again and makes sure I saw it. And I made eye contact with her to let her know I saw it."
The locksmith went and immediately called 911 while staying near the house, KSTU reported.
As soon as the MPs arrived, the woman opened the door and quickly left and told them the man was downstairs, KTVX reported.
The woman told investigators her ex-boyfriend was upset that she was dating someone, CNN reported. He unexpectedly came to her home, attacked her, picked up her phone and refused to let her go, according to a police report obtained from CNN.
Grant Eggertsen has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, criminal offenses and assault, CNN reported.
“As a locksmith, I've been involved in a few domestic situations, but nothing like it,” the locksmith told CNN.

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