Sheriff who appeared at rally with Michigan kidnapping suspect says alleged plot may have been an 'arrest’

Michigan County Sheriff Dar Leaf (Fox 17)
A seated Michigan sheriff who appeared on stage at an anti-lockdown protest with one of the men arrested in the allegedly foiled plot to kidnap Gov Gretchen Whitmer said the plan may be more of an "arrest" been.
The FBI said Thursday it broke up a militia conspiracy to kidnap Gov Whitmer and since then six men have been charged with the alleged federal conspiracy. Seven other people were charged by the state, CNN reported.
Brothers Micheal and William Null, who had links to militia groups, were charged with material support for terrorist acts and crime-owning firearms, WWMT reported.
Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, who appeared on stage with William Null in a protest against Gov Whitmer's stay at home in May, spoke to Fox 17 about her arrest.
"I was shocked that I didn't see this coming for these guys, but we still can't judge them on the news media here. They have a right to a fair trial," Sheriff Leaf told the broadcaster.
When asked if he had regretted standing on stage with any of the men charged in the alleged conspiracy, he expressed no remorse and asked whether the group was actually trying to make an "arrest".
"It's just a charge," he said. “Are you trying to kidnap? Because a lot of people are angry with the governor and want her arrested. So are they trying to arrest or was it an attempted kidnapping? "
Outlining the law of the state on the enforcement of a crime, he said, "So I have to look at it from that angle, and I hope it is more like that." In fact, these guys are innocent until proven guilty so I'm not even sure if they were involved in it. "
The sheriff said he was unaware of the alleged involvement in the conspiracy and also said he had not read all about it because he had "other duties" to do.
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