Shocked kitty can't believe there's a chicken in the doggy pool

Cora, the Do, has a baby pool to keep her cool and hydrated in the summer at high temperatures. So her owner thought it was a good idea to put the nugget with the chicken in it to see how she would react to the water. Nugget wasn't sure how to react in this situation and was a little shy. Roxy, the cat, came to Nugget for the first time since her owner got the chickens, and she coped very well with this situation. Usually she hit or hissed at the animal, but instead she was just very curious.
Her owner thought that Nugget might jump around or something, but after a few minutes of Nugget just standing in the water, the owner just gave up getting a reaction from Nugget and took her out of the pool and put her with hers another two friends back. The other two chickens were very jealous that they would not be invited again and only wanted to join in, so they started breaking the owner's leg barrier but did not come out this time.
They kept trying to get out, but with no luck they started yelling at the owner, but instead they laughed and left without chickens. The three chickens are very demanding and will do what they want, when they want, just because they can, but they don't always get through. The owner has to be strict with her chickens and teach them that they don't always get what they want.

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