Shoppers infuriated when 'secret' store explodes with popularity after viral videos: 'Who would dare'

TikTok users are obsessed with a store that sells vintage jeans at low prices - but please don't tell anyone.
Drop Your Jeans, Inc. is located in Covina, California. In addition to pants, the store also offers vintage shirts, stickers and posters.
A user known as itsolivia shared a video of the legendary business titled "tiktok showed this place to locals, now everyone is here".
Most commentators were enthusiastic about the business and asked for more information - but some were very upset that the hidden treasure had come to light.
"I grew up right next to this place. I'm sad that it was exposed," said one user.
"Omg your" secret "has been released," wrote another.
"Who would dare? I loved this place, now it's so full, ”said a third.
Others welcomed the fresh advertising.
"I've been coming here for a while now and I'm really so glad the owners got the exposure they deserve !!" said one.
A TikTok user who shared footage from her trip to Drop Your Jeans said she would not recommend the store to anyone "under 34" since it has now become popular.
However, many commentators were excited about it.
"I over 34: SHOWTIME PEOPLE, SHOWTIME," wrote one.
"Thank goodness, vintage jeans over 34 finally got somewhere," said another.
The shop updates its Instagram account when new items arrive, and the owners are happy to answer any questions you may have before your visit.
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