Should Nick Saban get paid more? Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin says he deserves 'way more'

Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin appeared on the Dan Patrick Show in a broad interview Tuesday morning.
One of the topics Kiffin discussed with Dan Patrick was Alabama soccer head coach Nick Saban.
Kiffin was the offensive coordinator in Alabama under Saban from 2014-16.
Patrick asked Kiffin, "How much is Saban worth if you put a dollar number on it every year for this program?"
"A lot more than he does," said Kiffin. "I understand the faculty and when people say, 'Okay, how does a guy like that make so much money just training soccer?' But the money he brings into the program and the university: When a football program is on, the university changes, the student applications change, the tuition fees rise, everything changes.
"As crazy as it is, kids all over the country watch a football program that is going well and say, 'I want to go there. "Even though they don't play football."
The University of Alabama system's board of trustees on Monday approved a new contract for Saban that runs until 2028. The contract pays Saban $ 8.425 million in 2020-21 and increases to $ 11.5 million in 2028-29.
At the beginning of the interview, Patrick Kiffin asked, "Does it feel hopeless at times, considering how great Alabama is?"
"A little," said Kiffin. “You know that sometimes at recruiting, especially when he announces that his replacement quarterback from last year is getting $ 1 million. That'll be a little hard to recruit against him. I mean, he just accidentally dumped this, do it on purpose. "
Ole Miss trainer Lane Kiffin is waiting to be featured in the main media room during SEC Media Days. (Gary Cosby Jr., Mississippi Clarion Ledger)
Kiffin was referring to Saban saying in July that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young was "already near" $ 1 million in name, image and likeness compensation.
The expansion of the Southeastern Conference to include Texas and Oklahoma was also discussed.
"I think it's great," said Kiffin as he added the two current Big 12 members. “I mean, the SEC is already the most powerful conference, the most draft picks, and the dominant recruiting. So this is probably going to the next level, which you are essentially looking at right now - especially if you're a Name / Image / Like-money recruit and want to make that - how are you not going to go to the SEC?
Kiffin was skeptical that the SEC would expand beyond Texas and Oklahoma at this point, but admitted that he was unaware of these conversations.
"I have no idea," said Kiffin. "I'm worried about what I can control. I obviously don't have a say. I wouldn't suppose you'd add more right away - much like when you put [Texas] in A&M and Missouri - but you never know."
Kiffin is entering his sophomore season as Ole Miss Football head coach.
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