Signs You're Getting Parkinson's Disease, According to Doctors

Last month, actor Michael J. Fox opened his more than 22-year battle against Parkinson's disease. The 59-year-old, first diagnosed in 1998, has been incredibly honest about his health problems, which recently turned into the worst when a non-cancerous tumor grew on his spine two years ago and he fell and broke his arm.
"That was definitely my darkest moment," Fox said in a recent interview with People magazine. "I was just snapping. I was leaning against the wall in my kitchen waiting for the ambulance to come and I felt like, 'This is as low as it gets for me.' It was when I questioned everything. For example, "I can't put a shiny face on this. There's no good side, no upside. It's just regret and pain. "
After shining an optimistic light for years, he lost hope. However, he learned how to return to his happy place, which he shares in his fourth treatise, No Time Like the Future. "Optimism is really rooted in gratitude," he says. "Optimism is sustainable when you keep coming back to gratitude, and what follows from it is acceptance. Accepting this thing happened and you accept it for what it is. It doesn't mean you can't try It doesn't mean you have to accept it as punishment or atonement, just put it in the right place, then see how much it will take you for the rest of your life to thrive, and then you can carry on. ”Read on to discover the signs of Parkinson's and to help ensure your health and the health of others. Don't miss out on these surefire signs you've already had with coronavirus.
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How to determine your Parkinson's risk
What Exactly Is Parkinson's And What Are The Symptoms? According to the National Institute on Aging, Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder caused by the death of dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Despite extensive research, it is not exactly clear why this is happening. However, it is believed that the disease can result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors such as exposure to toxins. And while it affects both sexes, it affects 50 percent more men than women. Age is another risk factor that most people develop around the age of 50. Only 5 to 10 percent of Parkinson's patients suffer from an "early onset" disease - like Fox - that begins before the age of 50.
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How to Identify Your Parkinson's Disease Symptoms
There are four main symptoms of Parkinson's disease as well as other less noticeable ones:
Tremors (tremors) in hands, arms, legs, jaw, or head (head)
Rigidity of the limbs and trunk (main)
Slowness of movement (main)
Impairment of balance and coordination, which sometimes leads to falls (main)
Depression and other emotional changes
Difficulty swallowing, chewing, or speaking
Urinary problems
Skin problems
sleep disorders
The NIH states that symptoms start gradually and get worse over time. Difficulty walking and speaking becomes more common over time, as do mental and behavioral changes, sleep disorders, depression, memory problems, and fatigue.
"I've always had a real talent for writing and memorizing," Fox told People. "And I've had some extreme situations where the last few jobs I've done were really verbose parts. I struggled on both of these," he admits. "I came up with this" - he said of writing - "My guitar playing is no longer good. My sketching is no longer good, my dancing was never good and acting is getting more difficult. So it depends on the writing. Fortunately "I'm really enjoying it."
Unfortunately, medical tests for detecting the disease are not definitive, so diagnosis can be difficult. Be sure to discuss the situation with a doctor if you are concerned that you are in danger and no matter where you live, wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and don't miss this pandemic when you are in the healthiest 35 places who are most likely to catch COVID.
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