Simone Biles Just Debuted a Gymnastic Move That's Never Been Seen Before

In a new video on Instagram and Twitter, Simone Biles jumps twice onto a balance beam and then throws herself into the air as if she were shot out of a geyser. It's called a triple-double descent and has simply never been done before.
Simone Biles

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6:24 p.m. - June 16, 2020
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Here are the facts about Simone Biles' triple double-jet descent: 1) She did after not being quarantined for just a month and going to the gym. 2) She shrugged the historical clip "Sometimes I turn around and what not" with a shrug emoji. 3) The same day she did the triple double, she also shared helpline resources for transgender people on Instagram stories. Anyone who claims to "contain a variety" because he eats chocolate in the toilet or whatever takes note of it.
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Let’s take the shortest walk through the history of Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time who does historical sporting performances that sound like luxurious espresso drinks:
Less than a year ago, Simone Biles was the first person in history to do a double-double descent (a double somersault backwards with 2/1 turn) on the balance beam. It was called "The Biles".
In the same week, she was the first woman in history to perform a triple double during a floor routine. It was called "The Biles II". (She already had another floor move and a safe move named after her.)
And then on Tuesday she released a video of herself practicing triple double descent on a balance beam. If she successfully completes it in the competition, it will likely be "Seriously Simone, What The Hell".
"This week they are beginning to regain their skills and have a little more fun in the gym," Biles' coach Cecile Landi told the Olympic Channel two weeks ago about her athletes, which was like "This week, I'm researching primary colors" two weeks ago before Michelangelo publishes preliminary sketches for the Sistine Chapel.
It's also an exceptionally brave week for Gym Biles - on Monday, she was first mentioned as a plaintiff in a sexual abuse lawsuit involving USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee before a public court. Biles and over 100 other athletes who have survived serial sex offender Larry Nassar are part of an ongoing lawsuit against the organizations following the abuse case. An 18-month Senate investigation found that both organizations "knowingly concealed abuse by Larry Nassar," resulting in abuse of athletes. Biles, who has advocated abuse by Nassar, has repeatedly urged the organizations to submit to their own independent investigation.
It's a week for Simone Biles - she jumps on a thin wooden beam in the direction of history and defies institutions that cover up the abuse of women and girls. Seeing how it goes from strength to strength is still nothing but powerful.
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