Six Flags ending its unlimited meal plan because of exploit highlighted on TikTok

Six Flags has scrapped its unlimited restaurant pass after a series of videos appeared on TikTok over the past few months showing people how to use the feature and get thousands of dollars worth of groceries.
Officials confirmed Thursday that the meal plan, which was an $80 surcharge on the park's season pass, had been terminated as it was "highly unprofitable" and open to abuse, degrading the park experience for visiting families for the day.
The decision comes as TikTok personalities have boasted about eating every meal at Six Flags parks, which has saved them hundreds of dollars.
"The pass gives you two meals a day, one snack and unlimited drinks, so up to 400 meals and 200 snacks a year for $200," a TikToker who goes by the alias "Six Flags Scoundrel" said last year versus Vice. "We're assuming less than 50 cents a meal, and that's not even if I go every day. That's the cost of two packs of ramen noodles — but we're basically talking about two main meals and another half meal. It's just crazy. The calorie-to-cost ratio is simply outrageous.”
The streamer says he paid a total of $174.88 for a season pass and the meal plan, and tried to get $2,000 worth of groceries in his experiment.
As with most things that go viral on TikTok, others have tried to do the same. And ultimately, says Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul, not only has it cost the company money, but it's also resulted in congested lines at foodservice locations, which has angered other diners.
"They ruin the experience for someone who came in with their family on a day pass... who paid big bucks to come... now they have 45 minutes to an hour to wait for a meal while the other people are themselves." swallowing the line for $80 for the full season," he told analysts on Thursday's first-quarter earnings call.
While the meal plan is gone for now, Six Flags says it will likely reintroduce a revised one in the coming months.
"We will most likely reconsider whether we introduce a meal plan, a seasonal or non-seasonal meal plan or an all-exclusive, but it will completely change from what people expect because I want to avoid the choking points," Bassoul said.
Six Flags has also done away with its monthly membership plan and reduced free tickets. Going forward, the company hopes to attract fewer, more-spending customers.
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