Six Pack Superbird: One of 716

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Plymouth built fewer than 2,000 superbirds in 1970. Of these, only 716 were powered with the mighty "Six Pack" induction setup.
The Plymouth Superbird is by far the most famous car of the muscle car era. With its aerodynamic nose cone and huge rear wing, it looked completely different from anything else out there.
The Superbird also featured air extractors attached to the front fenders, and the rear window was also unique to the car. However, among all these modifications, the Superbird was a road runner in 1970.
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All of these changes served a purpose. Like the Dodge Daytona the year before, the Plymouth Superbird was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. These were the cars that would break NASCAR's 200 mph mark.
Of course, to make them legal for racing, they had to produce 500 copies for public consumption. As it turned out, they'd make almost four times as many.
Image via Speed ​​Digital LLC
The radical body modifications made them difficult to sell when they were new, and some dealers even went as far as removing the wing and nose cone after the cars weren't sold.
Now they are very desirable collectibles. Most Superbirds are powered by a 440 cubic inch V8 powered by a single four cylinder carburetor. A very small number are powered by the legendary 426 Hemi.
Image via Speed ​​Digital LLC
Only 716 were built with a trio of two-cylinder carburetors known as the "six pack". This Vitamin C Orange Superbird is one of them. It is currently on sale by the St. Louis Car Museum.
At just under $ 230,000, there are a few who can afford to own this rare piece of muscle car (and NASCAR) history. If you are one of the lucky few who can do that, this is your chance to own a superbird that is rarer than most.
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