Six ways to make sure Joe Biden wins and Donald Trump loses in the November election

Even before the corona virus and the murder of George Floyd, we knew that this would be a volatile election year due to President Donald Trump. Six months ago, nobody would have predicted today's frenzied environment. One day's events can change things dramatically. And who knows how often the deck will be shuffled before November 3rd.
That's why it's more important than ever that Trump opponents keep an eye on the ball. Here are six things progressives like me should do to defeat Trump and take Joe Biden to the White House, regardless of anything that could happen between now and Election Day:
1) Give your full support to Biden. There are only two candidates who can win the presidency - Biden and Trump. I recently saw a Facebook post saying something like “Never Biden = Vote for Trump; Choose green = vote for Trump; Writing in Bernie = vote for Trump; Stay at home = vote for Trump. “There is no time or space for protest voices.
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And just voting for Biden is not enough. Each of us has a moral responsibility to defeat Trump. To do this, we have to support Biden enthusiastically. Share it with everyone you know. sing it from the roofs. The contrast to Trump could not be stronger.
The time for abdominal pain is over. The Democratic Party had a robust area code with 28 candidates vying for nomination. Biden has made it and it is the job of every progressive to do everything possible to help him win. Period.
2) Remember that 270 votes are required to win. If Biden wears all the states Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and flips Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the election is over. Biden wins. The latest survey shows that Biden is ahead in all three countries, but with tight margins. These three states are as important as Minnesota. Trump only lost it with less than 45,000 votes, and after Floyd's murder in Minneapolis, political waters swirl up there. Recent surveys show that Biden has a head start, but this is also becoming narrow. These are the four major states that Democrats need to focus on to win.
After that (and not at the expense of the Big Four), the survey will determine whether to attempt to win a combination of Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, the 2nd congressional district in Nebraska, and possibly Texas, and strengthen New Hampshire. But don't be distracted or intoxicated by other countries. That was part of the problem in 2016. Make sure you get the Big Four before you do anything else.
3) Mobilize a large number of color pickers. Biden is 10 points behind Clinton's 2016 performance among African-American voters. If he can reach her level, which is very doable, he will win with a clear lead.
With little investment from the Clinton campaign and her allies in the black city of Detroit, Clinton lagged President Barack Obama's 2012 vote by 46,872 votes - far more than her Michigan loss margin of 10,704 votes.
In Milwaukee, Clinton lagged behind Obama with 38,727 votes while losing Wisconsin with only 22,748 votes. A disproportionate share of democratic and progressive investments in the next few months must be made in groups that mobilize color pickers.
Primary voters in Milwaukee on April 7, 2020.
The African American community was particularly hard hit by COVID-19. According to a recent analysis, coronavirus deaths among black Americans are almost twice as high as expected based on their population. Given this reality, as well as the unrest, the need for healing, and the importance of Afro-American voting, a black running mate is vital. Progressives at Biden should help choose one of the outstanding women mentioned for the job.
Biden also needs to increase its reach for Latinos. During the main campaign, his team struggled to gain their support, while Senator Bernie Sanders took advantage of significant investments in speaking and listening to these voters. Biden, who has left Clinton by more than 10 points among the Latinos in a CNN comparison of the pre-selection surveys, should follow his example.
Deploy the Obamas and other VIPs
Latinos make up more than 20% of the electorate population in Arizona and Texas and about 20% in Florida. Biden has room to increase his attractiveness to this group, especially in Arizona and Florida, where major Latino majorities disapprove of how Trump handled the coronavirus and prefer Biden on a number of character issues.
The Biden campaign and its allies must maintain an ongoing dialogue with the color pickers. You should also immediately begin deploying the entire network of surrogate mothers popular with these communities from the Obamas.
4) Protection against efforts to suppress Republican voters. The latest Washington Post poll shows that Trump bids 13 points for everyone and 10 points for registered voters - but only 5 points for likely voters. Trump and his party know that the key to Biden's success is massive voting effort, so they will do anything to suppress the vote.
Republicans say they recruit up to 50,000 "volunteers" in 15 key countries to "monitor polling stations" and challenge ballots and voters who they consider "suspicious". This campaign to intimidate and harass voters is part of a $ 20 million campaign. It includes millions that are being used to contest lawsuits by Democrats and proxies to loosen state election restrictions.
Progressives must be more vigilant than ever before for this choice. Organizations like Fair Fight (led by Stacey Abrams) and Priorities USA Action, as well as government groups like Promote the Vote in Michigan, use legal and fundamental strategies to combat voter repression. Progressives must ensure that the organizations that do this work in key countries are fully funded. There is no excuse to get caught off guard.
Joe Biden on June 11, 2020.
5) Removal of voting barriers. State election laws are changing rapidly due to the pandemic. Since the beginning of COVID, 46 states and Washington, D.C. have allowed all voters to use postal voting. More and more states are prolonging early voting, consolidating polling stations, and making other changes that many voters are unaware of or that could confuse them if there is no robust campaign to educate voters.
We know that if we solve the puzzle of the process and simplify the voting process, more people are likely to participate. Growing postal voting movements and efforts to educate voters about it are more critical than ever.
4 million new voters: The historic Facebook campaign will increase voter registration, voter turnout and votes
The Detroit city clerk sends each registered voter requests for the upcoming primary school. There is a checkbox on the application form that you can use to receive a postal ballot for the general election. This step by the city clerk provided a tremendous opportunity to increase voter turnout in a city that is critical to November's democratic opportunities. Service Organizations International Union digital organizers have started contacting voters in Detroit to urge them to find the postal application form that was sent to them, to select the general election check box and to send it in immediately.
Democratic activists, progressive organizations and their allies must work with secretaries of state, city clerks and local election bodies - the people who run elections - to ensure that voters receive the right information to maximize voter turnout. There are studies that show, for example, that it is more important for early voting to have several accessible voting locations than to extend opening hours in fewer locations.
Other ways to break down barriers can be to add drop-box locations (especially near color communities) where voters can return postal ballot papers, make polling stations safe for social distance on election day, and urge lawmakers to set the deadline for to extend the return of ballots. In the Big Four, there is a patchwork of organizations that do this important work. You must be fully funded and staffed immediately.
6) Build trust between voters and progressive organizations. In 1943, the Congress of Industrial Organizations formed the first political action committee. In their organizational handbook, the unions stressed that it was important for victory to set up systems to talk to voters directly where they worked and lived - with people who were similar to them. As the value of paid communications (radio and then television) increased, direct voter contact decreased. Pay-TV was the be-all and end-all in the nineties. The AFL-CIO began to resist this trend in 1996. He emphasized personal contact again and had great success over the next 10 years.
This work became a successful model for others, including the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012, when peer-to-peer contact was key. Now, however, the corona virus means that campaign tactics are limited from person to person. As a result, campaigns and advanced start-up groups talk about digital organizing and things like peer-to-peer texting, discuss issues, and provide COVID-19 resources to build relationships with voters before discussing candidates and voting .
We need the most massive campaign ever
That makes sense, but the fact is that there are already many progressive organizations with pre-existing, trusted relationships with voters. Among them are groups with links to women and unions, two groups of voters that will be vital to Biden's success.
According to the latest CNN survey, Biden is the nation's top nation at 55-41%. Groups like Supermajority and NARAL Pro-Choice America are intensifying their mobilization efforts. They have to be funded.
Trump does it: Corona virus makes voting by email even more important
I am involved in a project in the Midwest that aims to communicate with former union members and voters who tell us about our models like unions. We have addressed approximately 3.5 million voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Our research has shown that 70% of these voters have a positive opinion of unions. 68% see unions as a viable and reliable source of information about candidates and issues; and that 66% are looking for a new, trustworthy source of information.
Unions and other progressive organizations must conduct the most massive campaign ever, starting with their members, who can then branch out to their relatives, co-workers and friends. There has never been a time like the one we are going through. The pressure on our political system is enormous. In this chaos, the soil will no doubt continue to change and campaigns that live and breathe things must be agile and adapt to changes. But if we stay focused, keep an eye on the White House, fund the right projects, and communicate with voters, we can end this Trumpian nightmare on November 3rd.
Steve Rosenthal is president and founder of the organizational group and president of the PAC Working for Us. He has served in all of the President's efforts since 1972 as a former deputy working secretary in the Clinton administration and former political director of the AFL-CIO.
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This article originally appeared in the U.S. TODAY: How To Beat Donald Trump And Ensure The Next President Is Joe Biden

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