Size 20 nursery worker, who ate McDonald's five times a week, sheds four stone in three months

Emma Sinclair lost over four stones in three months. (PA Real Life)
A size 20 kindergarten teacher who used to eat McDonald's five times a week has changed her body by losing four stones in three months.
Emma Sinclair made the decision to change her eating habits after her body made her unhappy on vacation in Tenerife.
Previously, the 23-year-old drank over 1,000 calories in full-fat cola every day and ate a McDonald's breakfast four times a week, consisting of a breakfast box with 1,225 calories, hash browns and large colas.
After comparing herself to other people on vacation, Sinclair described it as “the worst fortnight of her life”.
The kindergarten teacher lost four stones. (PA Real Life)
She decided not to weigh herself while eating regularly from the fast food chain. When she came back from vacation and found she was 17 to 12 pounds, she felt "horrified".
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"Something has just changed, I cannot describe it, but I suddenly saw myself for what I really looked like.
“I think part of it is that a vacation should be an escape, a place where you can get away from all your worries. But I couldn't - the problem was staring directly in the mirror.
"I looked fat and finally had to admit it," she said.
Sinclair's BMI was 37 and the NHS-recommended BMI for her height was between 18.9 and 24.5, which she classified as obese.
Many of her empty calories were consumed before noon, eating an average of 4,000 a day - twice as much as the recommended daily average for women.
She blames Netflix and takeaways for their gradually increasing weight. (PA Real Life)
She blames bad habits for slowly gaining weight as she grows up in her late teens: “I started developing bad habits, like having something to take away before Netflix.
“Most of my weight gain came when I was 21.
"I had just passed my driving test and got my first car, a gray Peugeot 201, and I got really lazy.
"I wouldn't go anywhere. I would drive to the store at the end of the street - even though it was only a five-minute walk."
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"I worked right next to McDonald's, so I had a Maccie breakfast four days a week," she said.
"Then I would make a McDonald's with my whole family on Sunday - that's a tradition of ours."
The overeating was not just reserved for McDonald's. The 23-year-old admitted that she would eat large amounts of comfort foods during her work, from sweet and sour chicken to trifles.
Their intake of full fat coke alone was 6,615 calories a week.
"It's hard to imagine now, but I just swept it under the carpet. I remember one day discovering my first stretch marks in the bathroom and just pretending I hadn't seen them.
“None of my friends mentioned anything. Sometimes my family would do it, but they would always do it so kindly that I wouldn't think about it. "
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Sinclair admitted that she hadn't thought about putting her size 20 clothes in a suitcase for her vacation, but when she arrived in Tenerife, she wanted to "cry".
She threw her vacation clothes in the trash can before she left the island, determined to finally give up her bad eating habits.
"Suddenly I realized that I was so overweight that, like all other kindergarten teachers, it was difficult for me to sit on the floor with the children and I wondered what the parents thought of me."
She continued: "Someone my age who was too tall to kneel with the kids was just embarrassing."
She opted for the Jane Plan diet, which meant she received a weekly package of 21 prepared meals and seven snacks. She adopted a new diet of 1,200 calories a day.
By switching her diet from high-fat, heavy meals to a day consisting of boiled egg on toast for breakfast, soup for lunch, and home-made pan dishes for dinner, Sinclair lost 12 pounds within the first week.
"On the first day of the plan, I refused lunch at work and found that it was the first time that I said no to food for as long as I could remember," she said.
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She was looking forward to showing her new size 12 wardrobe during a family vacation in Barbados, but after it was canceled due to corona virus, she decided to take advantage of the fine weather in the UK to demonstrate her hard work in the garden.
She said: "I feel like a completely different person - I don't think I've ever worn shorts in the UK and now I can't take them off."

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