‘Snake Eyes’ Basically Rolls Itself as Early Reactions Range from ‘Generic’ to Clenched Teeth Emoji

The social media embargo on the "GI Joe" film spin-off "Snake Eyes" has been lifted and it looks like the film has rolled itself as the initial reactions are overwhelmingly negative.
Fans who saw the recent early screenings generally praised co-star Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, but that generally was it. The rest, with a few exceptions, was pretty thoroughly dismissed.
Feedback for the film, which focuses on the origins of the fan-favorite Masked Command (played by Henry Golding), ranged from constructive criticism to straightforward reading for dirt. Some fans complained about the pace, others about the story and script, and some about director Robert Schwentke's aesthetic choices.
Some examples:
“I was pretty disappointed. Generic story and bad script plague this reboot ... "said YouTuber Nichols Whitcomb.
“Ultimately, it's all a hiss and not a slap. There are some really breathtaking action sequences, but they are messed up by the weak plot, "was That Hashtag Show's verdict.
"It's a generic origin story with a strong performance from Andrew Koji," said critic Aaron Neuwirth.
And even TheWrap-based Snake Eyes fanboy Umberto Gonzales got away with a bad taste in his mouth calling the film, and we quote, "an unmitigated disaster." Ouch!
There were some rare good reviews too, though we have to admit that they seem a bit gushing compared to the more muted negative reviews. But you can judge that for yourself. Read on for a sampling.
#Snakeyes IS AN INDEPENDENT DISASTER! A total and utter disregard for the history, heritage and canon of character. As a true fan and collector of intellectual property for 40 years, this film broke my heart. What made Snake Eyes cool and mysterious is NOT in this movie! Another Paramount dumpster fire.
- Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) July 22, 2021
I saw #SnakeEyes last night and as a fan of GI Joe and the character, I was pretty disappointed. Generic story and bad script plague this reboot, although Andrew Koji is actually decent as Storm Shadow. I will discuss more in my review. pic.twitter.com/ivUxPFNxdC
- Nicholas Whitcomb (@Whos_Nick) July 22, 2021
#SnakeEyes had so much potential, but at the end of the day, it's all a hiss, not a slap. There are some really breathtaking action sequences, but they are messed up by the weak plot. Andrew Koji's #StormShadow stole the film from Henry Golding, and it wasn't even close. pic.twitter.com/5PgMkCXDMw
- That Hashtag Show (official) (@ThatHashtagShow) July 22, 2021
Imagine THE RAID 2 but stunned for commercial use, this is #SnakeEyes, where stakes feel flat thanks to Henry Golding's limited range that fluctuates from confused to restless over the 2 hour run. twitter.com/z3H3xNLUFN
- ?? AWARDS ACE (@ErickWeber) July 22, 2021
Can't lie, #SnakeEyes was more? as ? ... although I honestly, if I could use a Snake Eyes helmet emoji instead of a sunglasses type, I would 100% do that

Full review comes at midnight pic.twitter.com/3ZgEa1hfiT
- Ben Bateman (@benbatemanmedia) July 22, 2021
#SnakeEyes is full of action. Unfortunately, a lot of things were confused by the shaky cam and close-ups. I enjoyed seeing the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow interactions (Andrew Koji rocks it). I liked Akiko from Haruka Abe very much. Would have liked to see more Scarlett and Baroness.
- Wendy Lee Szany (@WendyLeeSzany) July 22, 2021
#SnakeEyes isn't very good. It's a generic origin story with a strong performance from Andrew Koji, but for a big summer action film with lots of ninja battles - I couldn't stand seeing all the bad cuts and shaky camera. So what's the point? #MoreLikeNonja
- Aaron Neuwirth (@ AaronsPS4) July 22, 2021
Minus the vomiting shaky camera used in most action sequences, #SnakeEyes does a perfect job of delivering a fun and action-packed origin story to restart a dead franchise. I just needed a lot more @Sweaving than Scarlett on the screen.
- Epic Film Guys (@EpicFilmGuys) July 22, 2021
Here's the thing ... #SnakeEyes is frustrating and made me feel old. I liked the plot-heavy 1st 1/2 more than the increasingly crazy 2nd 1/2. Part of that is b / c, the crazier the action gets, the more the editing makes it ungainly and annoyingly cuts all over the place. Cast is solid
- Adrian Torres (@YoAdrianTorres) July 22, 2021
SNAKE EYES: GI JOE ORIGINS - A plump, lifeless attempt at an "action film" that fails so completely, totally and miserably and wastes all of its talents. #SnakeEyes review -> https://t.co/cvrMWJL3tZ #GIJoe #henrygolding #snakeeyes pic.twitter.com/EoshoOPxmh
- Darren Bevan (@ geekboy73) July 22, 2021
Saw #SnakeEyes last week!

My favorite movie of the year so far, # AQuietPlace2

It's all i ever wanted
& didn't know I wanted
in a ninja fantasy movie. ????

Very cool Hollywood did that?

Plan to see it many times!

Review of the lifting of the embargo tonight at 3 a.m.! pic.twitter.com/KIr4BDyt6g
- Grace Randolph (@GraceRandolph) July 22, 2021
Just got back from an early show for the @SnakeEyesMovie! Great fight scenes! Will definitely watch it again! #snakeeyes @ParamountPics pic.twitter.com/LLYo5FH1r6
- Mr Campbell (@TheRealLlennodc) July 22, 2021
"Crazy Rich Asians" -Breakout Henry Golding plays Snake Eyes, "Warrior" headliner Andrew Koji plays Storm Shadow, "Ready or Not" actress Samara Weaving plays Scarlett and "Money Heist" breakout star Úrsula Corberó plays Baroness.
"Beauty and the Beast" screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos wrote the screenplay, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Brian Goldner produced the film. Jeff Waxman is executive producer. Hasbro / eOne and Skydance co-produced while MGM co-funded.
The story focuses on the origins of Snake Eyes when he tried to join the Arashikage Clan, a ninja clan based in Japan. According to “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide, the Arashikage worked as shadowy assassins for generations, using deception to make a living as a ninja, and building a reputation for performing impossible tasks.
Read the original story, "Snake Eyes" basically rolls by itself, as the early responses range from "Generic" to the gritted-tooth emoji on TheWrap
In this article:
Henry Golding
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Andrew Koji
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