SNL : Maya Rudolph Parodies VP Debate as Jim Carrey's Joe Biden Transforms Into Fly on Mike Pence's Head

This week's episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by comedian Bill Burr with musical guest Jack White, opened with a parody of the vice-presidential debate.
Maya Rudolph repeated her role as Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris for the sketch, and Beck Bennett played Vice-President Mike Pence and Kate McKinnon portrayed presenter Susan Page.
The sketch, which also had Plexiglas barriers between the candidates, touched on Pence's fondness to interrupt his opponent - and Harris' ability to call him up for the transgressions with both her words and her facial expressions. At some point, the Californian senator turned to her opponent to tell him: “Mr. Vice President, I speak. "
The SNL Cold Open of course also addressed what was perhaps the most exciting moment of the debate on Wednesday: the fly that landed on Pence's head and then stayed for about two minutes.
The camera cut off the debate about Jim Carrey's Joe Biden, who was at home with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, played by Heidi Gardner, watched and decided to teleport to the debate in Utah to help his run mate "save the soul" of this nation. "During the transport he accidentally turned into a fly.
Not only did Carrey's Biden become a fly, he morphed into Jeff Goldblum, whom fans suggested as an actor to play the insect on SNL. (Goldblum starred in The Fly in 1986, in which he played a scientist who turns into a giant-man-fly hybrid after a failed experiment.)
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And for the parody of SNL, a second fly landed on the Vice President's head. Kenan Thompson appeared as the reborn Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate who died in July a month after signing COVID-19. "They invited me to a rally and said everything was fine, Herman. I'm starting Corona, Trump tells me, 'Everything is fine, Herman.' The White House doctors check me out and tell me, 'Everything is fine, Herman.' Three days later I'm gone. If you see this at home, don't trust that white devil because of this Rona, "he said.
ERIC BARADAT / Getty Images During Wednesday's debate with Senator Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City, a fly landed in Vice President Mike Pence's hair
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Getty Images (2) From left: Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris at the debate on Wednesday.
SNL is known for its debate recaps, which usually come out in the cold and open on Saturday after a debate. However, next week's presidential debate between former Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was canceled after Trump refused to agree to a virtual debate format.
The non-partisan Presidential Debate Commission previously said the town hall-style debate planned for next Thursday would be moved to a remote virtual format for health reasons following a coronavirus outbreak in the White House.
Biden's campaign said they had agreed to a virtual format for the debate, but after learning that Trump would not attend, the Democratic candidate was planning his own town hall event to be broadcast on ABC News.

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