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From the screaming sound of a twin-screw compressor to the smell of burning burnouts, Dodge has become synonymous with American muscle car culture. The wild colors, reminiscent of a time when Mopar was at the top, and the consistent belief that performance triumphs over all other aspects of performance, have helped cement the company in the automotive infamy. This has left many people craving the ability to get behind the wheel of these legends of speed and power. However, many people who buy them may not understand what they are getting into when purchasing said vehicle. Thankfully, it was a company's turn to provide a brief rundown of what future Dodge owners might expect.
Alex at Fitment Industries is one of the many people who host the company's YouTube channel. He and his colleagues make informative videos about car culture and the different aspects of being an enthusiast, while also making sure they are fun and entertaining. In this particular case, he hosted two videos entitled “This is how you want a challenger” and “This is how you want a loader”. This article is a compilation of the two and is intended to give you an idea of ​​what to expect when buying a new Dodge.
First up is the Challenger, in its earlier days it was little more than another version of the Dodge Coronet. However, by the late 1960s, Dodge realized that people wanted a muscle car with sharp body lines and a wicked coke bottle shape, and that's how the Challenger was born. Fast-forwarding to the days of Hellcats and Demons, Dodge is still sticking to its principle of giving you the option to have every trim imaginable. Your Challenger can be customized exactly according to your specifications. This also applies to the Charger and Durango models.
This customization allows you to customize a car to suit your personality. There's the Hellcat for someone who wants a lot of power, the Scat Pack if you want to cut the canyons, and the R / T for the enthusiast who wants a bigger mod-ability. Due to the size of the vehicle and the level of comfort, these are ideal for long-distance journeys as well as for days on the road or daily driving. It's also worth noting that these mean machines look lovely when you toss at a set of lowering springs. The only downside seems to be that the cars share many parts with other Chrysler-branded vehicles. However, this may not be that bad as parts are relatively easy to obtain based on such guidelines.
As the Challenger's older brother, the Charger also has a long history of success and failure. Originally released in 1966, the Charger was also inspired by the Dodge Coronet. The fastback-style coupe quickly transformed into the second-generation luxury coupe that we all knew and loved from 1969 to 1970. Admittedly, the Charger ran into some speed fluctuations and even ended up being a front-wheel drive hatch for a while until someone built a stop on this horror show. Finally, in 2005, the LX generation of the charger was introduced to the world.
Nowadays we have what is called the LD Charger or the 7th generation with a redesigned grille and a new body line that is smoother and less clunky. This new style has caught the attention of audiences young and old since its conception in 2011. Of course, the equipment of the equipment variants available in the Challenger is also transferred to the charger. However, the loader has 4 doors through which you can transport several people. The large trunk makes it the perfect road trip muscle car. The charger is also usually more luxurious due to the nature of the vehicle.
Automobile enthusiasts have been very interested in these cars lately as the newer models are extremely modifiable. There is currently no competition for the Charger in the high performance sedan market, allowing this beast to be what it always should be, a fast, fun car that you can be comfortable with. It is important to note, however, that while the car is fast, it carries its weight like a truck due to its relatively high ride height. This problem can be fixed by using lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension with all three options, which will add an extra touch of performance and handling to your car as well as style and a special cooling factor that always comes with large lowering cars. Within the community you will find many younger enthusiasts who share your interest in local mopars and a lot of support in the aftermarket.
If you are a younger enthusiast who wants performance, reliability, speed and comfort, a Dodge might be for you. It's also important to thank Fitment Industries for creating the two videos cited in this article. We strongly encourage you to check out their channel.
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