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This isn't the rivalry game experience Oregon Duck fans were expecting Saturday afternoon in Corvallis.
After climbing 21 points midway through the third quarter, the Ducks took their foot off the gas, and the Oregon State Beavers turned it on in a hurry. The Beavers scored four touchdowns and pulled off an exciting comeback win that knocked the Ducks out of the Pac-12 championship game.
It also sealed the fact that in his first year as the Ducks head coach, Dan Lanning lost to both Washington and Oregon State, the team's two biggest rivals.
Of course, it's been a roller-coaster day on social media, with Duck fans feeling great early on and then collapsing as the team imploded on the field. Here are some of the best reactions of the day.
Chase Cota early impact
If you miss much of the season, you might as well moss a few dudes in the rivalry game of the state you grew up in.
— Tyson Alger (@tysonalger) November 26, 2022
The real duck in Cota
Chase Cota fulfills his Duck destiny by scoring against the Beavs.
— QD (@wookiedu) November 26, 2022
The culmination
Had Chase Cota Moss nobody on my bingo card today
— Jared Mack (@Jared_Mack7) November 26, 2022
A different look
Another look at Chase Cota's ridiculous catch
— Cam Mellor (@CamMellor) November 26, 2022
Do not be stupid
Oh no, the "I'm OK with Kenny Dillingham leaving" tweets started by Oregon fans.
Stop it. Do not be stupid.
— Zachary Neel (@zacharycneel) November 26, 2022
Pac-12 Ref
Pac-12 umpires just called a late hit on an RB hit on the field. A potential near-late-hit penalty!
— Dan Rubenstein (@DanRubenstein) November 26, 2022
An impressive drive from Oregon
The Ducks had an impressive 95-yard drive to score with a 14-second lead at halftime. Oregon leads Oregon State 14-10.
— Ken Goe (@KenGoe) November 26, 2022
WRs in Eugene??
So sick of having highly recruited WRs and throwing them
— Erik García Gundersen (he/him/his) (@Erik_Gundersen) November 26, 2022
A real Oregon reporter
I just want both teams to have fun!
— Kate Rogerson (@KateRogersonTV) November 26, 2022
A big call...
The story goes on

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