Social media is freaking out over Drake's 'awful' birthday dinner menu: ‘Was there a mistake?’

Drake recently celebrated his 34th birthday and in typical Drake fashion, the event produced a massive meme-worthy moment.
This time, it's the rapper's appetite that freaks fans out. A menu from the alleged party, which apparently took place on October 24th, hit Twitter, where it immediately went viral.
The reason? Three words: mac and cheese.
According to tweets of the alleged menu, Drake served his guests a mac and cheese dish with sun-dried tomatoes (?), Capers (!?), Raisins (!!!!!) and parsley. Needless to say, Twitter users had a lot of strong feelings.
“Drake eats mac and cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, capers and parsley. I never want to be this rich, ”wrote one user.
"The menu at Drake's birthday dinner looks terrible," added another.
"Drake could have any meal in the world, but Raisins IN Mac & Cheese make it onto the birthday card," wrote another.
Twitter users cited the food as "mediocre" and "terrible," but as some users pointed out, it's possible that there was a simple typo here.
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On the menu, Drake's chefs listed the same ingredients - raisins, capers, etc. - for his "grilled cauliflower" dish. It is likely that someone mistakenly copied the same line twice and put it under the mac and cheese too.
On the other hand, there is a possibility that Drake's "Mac and Cheese" was actually a noodle ball, a savory and sweet casserole that is often served during Jewish holidays. The recipes for the dish can vary, but they often include raisins.
"Hey, this is his mother's side of the family," one Twitter user wrote over the menu, referring to Drake's Jewish mother.
In any case, the chaos seemed to coincide perfectly with the start of Scorpio season, a season many millennials fear but one that Drake, who literally named an album after his zodiac sign, seems to be embracing.
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Contributor Drake, a well-known Scorpio, had the craziest menu at their birthday dinner, which first appeared on In The Know.

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