Social media users are baffled by this college's 'ridiculous' annual tradition: 'What if you can't swim?'

An architecture student goes viral after sharing his college's "ridiculous" annual tradition.
Matheus Stancati studies architecture at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. On TikTok, he shared a throwback video from his sophomore year of having to "walk on water" to pass a class.
“The things they let us do,” he captioned his clip.
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As Stancati explains, the goal of the project was to create a pair of shoes that could effectively float on the water. The students then test their shoes at the end of the semester - in the middle of a lake on campus.
The “Walk on Water” has a long tradition at school. As Stancati puts it, large groups of students show up every year to “watch architecture students die”.
"Fortunately, I was crossed because this is Florida and I don't know what's in there," Stancati said, referring to the state's alligator population.
The TikToker then followed in the comments of its video with more details. Apparently the students work in pairs, which means that not everyone has to cross the lake to pass.
"Two people design and build and we choose one to 'go'," he wrote.
The FIU has returned to the courses on campus in limited capacity, but it is unclear whether the “Walk On Water” will still take place. In both cases, TikTok users seemed baffled by Stancati's experience.
"Architect professors are like ..." walking on water, "" joked one user.
"What if you can't swim?" asked another.
Others were jealous rather than surprised, saying they wish their schools would try something similar.
"That sounds like what the school should be," wrote one user. "Challenging and fun projects to expand our creativity and knowledge, not tasks and due dates."
“My architecture class is NOT like that. Nice, ”added another.
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