Solium Infernum Is A Grand Strategy Game Set In Hell

Image: Solium Infernum
I know a lot of people who would say that a great strategy game playing somewhere would be hell, but those people don't know what they're missing out on.
Announced overnight, Solium Infernum is the next game from League of Geeks, the team behind the longtime and very good Armello. Its official description reads:
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Prepare for Solium Infernum, the grand strategy game of politics, intrigue and betrayal set in the ultimate arena of Hell.
As a mighty fallen archfiend, sinister ruler of the infernal kingdom of hell, you are a contender for the infernal throne - the Great Dark Majesty is missing and the fevered conclave demands that a replacement be declared. Command dreaded legions, recruit champion Praetors, perform sinister rituals, and outdo your rivals to become Hell's new Dark Majesty.
A "grand strategy game" is something like Crusader Kings, a title in which the player is challenged to do all sorts of things at the head of a faction, from managing the economy to moving armies to handling political ones Intrigue. Imagine that, only here you are vying to become the new Great Dark Majesty.
Now for the really fun part: This isn't a brand new game! Rather, it's an attempt to do justice to one of the most interesting, if underrated, strategy games of the past 15 years. Designer Vic Davis, aka Cryptic Comet, released Solium Infernum in 2009 (his website is still online, and you can even download a demo for it), and it looked like this:
Image: Solium Infernum
Meanwhile, Armlos' shot looks like this:
Image: Solium Infernum
If you notice any similarities between the screenshot above and Armello, it's no coincidence. League of Geeks boss Trent Kusters told that "[Solium Infernum] was a huge inspiration for Armello. So it's a real honor. We've known Vic [Davis] for years. And when we were like, 'What are we going to do for our next game,' Ty Carey - my co-founder - just said, 'Let's do that, let's talk to him'."
Davis - who apparently no longer designs games and now sells donuts, which sounds amazing - eventually had League of Geeks "acquire" the intellectual property, thereby passing the torch to the Australian studio that will be hoping for the core of Infernum Experience (the which led to this brilliant series of Rock Paper Shotgun at the time) may find a wider, more appreciative audience after a makeover and a new coat of paint.
The game is set to release on Steam sometime in 2023, and you can check out the movie trailer below:

Solium Infernum - Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

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