'Some day you're going to regret this': CNN anchor clashes with Trump campaign lawyer over 'fake news' attacks

CNN presenter Brian Stelter and Trump attorney Jenna Ellis argue over allegations of "fake news": CNN
CNN presenter Brian Stelter and Trump campaign executive legal advisor Jenna Ellis traded barbs on Sunday during a section where Mr. Stelter predicted that the president's advisors would one day regret their strategy, reverting to traditional integrity To attack media.
When Ms. Ellis mocked the "fake news media" as a "dealer of false information", Mr. Stelter interrupted her with a plea for her future self not to use such terms.
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"You understand that one day you will regret it, will you? One day you will regret it when your children and grandchildren look back on that time and you use bows and smear us as messages that harm news agencies," said Stelter when he and Mrs. Ellis were talking about each other.
"I think if we just sit down and talk about it in 10 or 20 years, you will find out how harmful it was. How harmful it was to use terms like 'bad news' to attack journalists who are trying to do their jobs "said Mr. Stelter.
Ms. Ellis, who has been working for Mr. Trump's re-election campaign since last November, shot straight back at Mr. Stelter and said he and his colleagues were not journalists, but activists with badly hidden motives.
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This is especially true of their constant use of the term "fake news" to belittle real news agencies and destroy trust
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"You understand that one day you will regret it, don't you?" - Brian Stelter, Trump campaign legal advisor, Jenna Ellis
5:10 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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"You are not trying to do your job - you are not a journalist, Brian. You are an activist. That is the problem. You have an agenda and your agenda is anti-Trump," said Ms. Ellis.
"The American people are going through this and are very grateful that this president is finally holding the fake news media to account for being activists. They don't report facts and truths," she said.
For years, Mr. Trump and the Republicans have used the term "bogus news" to describe the reporting they consider liberal liberal prejudice, even if the stories they denounce are factually valuable.
The 2016 presidential election saw an increase in fake news and disinformation made possible by social media, which many Democrats believe have influenced the election in favor of Mr. Trump.
While US intelligence agencies, led by President Vladimir Putin, have unanimously agreed to launch a comprehensive disinformation campaign to interfere in the 2016 US election, they cannot determine what impact the interference campaign may have on actual results.
Republican-led Senate intelligence committee concluded in 2018 that Putin wanted Trump to win, despite Trump's allies quickly indicating that he was also the victim of many bogus news items that went viral online.
Most recently, Mr. Trump reprimanded "The Fake News" after people who saw him cautiously climb a ramp after making the speech at the US Military Academy at West Point asked if he was healthy.
"The ramp that I climbed after my speech at the start of West Point was very long and steep, had no handrail and was above all very slippery," Trump tweeted on Saturday.
"The last thing I wanted to do was" fall "for the fake news to have fun. I ran the last ten feet on level ground. Momentum!" the president wrote.
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