Somebody wrote lyrics for the Mandalorian theme song

The folks on pop culture comedy channel The Warp Zone wrote lyrics on the final theme of The Mandalorian, and at first glance they don't seem too different from Stephen Bishop's "Animal House" or MC Hammer's "Addams Groove" song, that describes only the plot and characters of the story in question.
"Here's a man in a Beskar suit who runs a walking armory / bounty hunt just to get by in the gig economy," says a maskless Mando in the music video. It's cheeky, self-centered and, like the Grogu doll on its musician's keyboard, "cute".
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But what begins so lightheartedly becomes critical when the lyrics point to the Western / science fiction / Japanese cinema pastiche of The Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe in general. "There are references like No Name Trilogy that go on and on like CVS records," Mando falsifies at one point. "Also, they made Seven Samurai when they rescued the villagers / and confirmed that his story was all based on yojimbo," he continues. "They just ripped off Japan / like the westerns did."
In the final verse, The Warp Zone admits that The Mandalorian's tapestry was a defining feature of the franchise from the start: “But this whole plagiarized bunch has been added to Star Wars / Hidden Fortress-inspired New Hope / Lucas laser pistols since day one. "
Of course, these guys are clearly fans who know the tiny details of the show, so it's all fun. But it's always refreshing to be reminded that the Star Wars universe is far from infallible and we may not have to take it that seriously.
Check out the entire video below:
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