Someone Might Have Finally Solved the Greatest Mystery From 'The Office'

If one sitcom has a chance of never really disappearing, it's The Office. Even if the final episode of the NBC comedy debuted eight years ago, there is always something coming from the fans who miss the Scranton days. Not long ago we learned that James Gandolfini almost stepped onto the show after Steve Carell left. Brian Baumgartner still shows up now and then to talk about Kevin's chilli spill. Hell, the other day Aaron Rodgers showed up to training camp wearing a The Office-inspired t-shirt.
Do you know what else the fans of The Office are still chewing? One of the show's biggest secrets: The Scranton Strangler's identity. You'd have to be familiar with seasons six through nine of the show to really get anything, but here's the gist. In the sixth season, Andy Bernard holds up a newspaper that says, "Scranton Strangler strikes again." After that, The Office drops a ton of little jokes about the mysterious killer, from Dwight Schrute, who disguises himself as a criminal for Halloween, to Toby Flenderson, who sits on the jury for his case. The show never identifies the Scranton Strangler, but fans have long theorized that it was either Creed Bratton (the show implied the guy had killed before), Toby (mental breakdown after Pam and Jim get together), or Andy (anger problems) is.
Now we may finally have an answer, courtesy of Jules Suzdaltsev. In February 2020, he tweeted his theory that David Wallace - Dunder Mifflin's longtime CFO - is the Scranton Strangler. Guess who replied a few days later? Andy Buckley, who played Wallace in The Office.
We are bringing this up now because Suzdaltsev has just discovered the answer himself and we couldn't help but inform the Dunder-Mifflin swarm about it. Buckley is right! Wallace was wrapped up pretty tight, untangled in a way that would be overshadowed by all of the other shit that was going on at Dunder Mifflin and would be the perfect reveal of the identity of the killer on the left. Hey, maybe a Barry-esque dramedy on the Scranton Strangler is the spin-off from The Office we've been waiting for all along.
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