Someone paid $265,000 for a 1998 Toyota Supra seized by police

If you need more proof that the A80-generation Toyota Supra has skyrocketed in value, here it is: Auction house Stanley J. Paine sold a turbocharged 1998 model confiscated from the collection of an alleged drug lord for $265,000 excluding any postal sales fees.
For comparison, Toyota charged $39,198 for the turbocharged Supra in 1998, which equates to about $69,600 in 2022, and the current-generation model starts at $43,540. As pointed out by The Drive, several factors make this particular example desirable: its mileage is relatively low, it doesn't appear to have been significantly modified, it comes with the six-speed manual (instead of the four-speed automatic) and is finished in a rare color called Quicksilver. It's also a last year's model that some collectors may find appealing.
It's not the only six-figure Supra from the auction. A white 1993 twin-turbo Supra, six-speed manual and only 8,200 miles sold for $237,500, also excluding fees and taxes. Why the newer, higher-mileage model sold for significantly more is debatable, but sentimental value may have played a part. According to Supra forum user onionboyss, the 1998 copy was bought by someone who regretted selling one many years ago and was willing to pay anything to get another one. It's reportedly going to California, and the new owner reportedly has no plans to race it.
Paying supercar money for a Supra is surprising, but also another sign that 1990s cars are now being seriously sought after as the generation that grew up with them begins to accumulate disposable income. What's perhaps even more surprising here is that this Supra's coolness hasn't been overshadowed by its relative sketchiness. Both of the above Supras were part of a more than 30-car collection impounded in Massachusetts by a suspected drug dealer who was found dead after posting bail and fleeing. Police took no fewer than 13 A80 Supras, E46 BMW M3s, a pair of Nissan 350Zs, as well as the diverse assortment of guns, drugs and cash, and you would expect them to be discovered during a drug bust.
Toyota is also riding this wave: the company started producing reproduction parts for the Supra models of the A70 and A80 generations in 2019 and has gradually expanded the catalog since then. What does that mean for the future? Well, I don't have a crystal ball, so don't start hoarding just yet; I can't promise you that in 2055 people will pay a quarter of a million dollars for their 2022 Supra. One factor in the A80 Supra's appeal that the current model lacks is its importance in pop and car culture. It notably earned a starring role in the Fast & Furious franchise... which explains why one of the few Supra models to sell for more than the Quicksilver example is a movie car that fetched $550,000 at auction in 2021.
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