‘Something’s wrong with Donald Trump’: New ad from Republican group that drove president into a fury questions his health

Donald Trump accepts a class gift at West Point during the graduation ceremony where he clumsily stumbled down a ramp: EPA
Days after Donald Trump struggled down a gentle ramp at the graduation ceremony at West Point, he was struck by a new attack announcement that drew attention to what is supposedly evidence of his poor and deteriorating health.
The 45-second video comes from the Lincoln Project, a group of longtime Republican campaign strategists who see President re-election as a risk to the future of the United States.
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In the case of recordings of Mr. Trump swaying down the West Point ramp and trying to lift water bottles, the concerned voice over of the ad urgently informs the viewer: "Something is wrong with Donald Trump."
It says, "He's shaky. Weak. Problems speaking. Problems walking. Why don't we talk about it - and why doesn't the press report on Trump's secret midnight run to the Walter Reed Medical Center? Why do so many reporters do about the white Report house as if they couldn't see Trump's demise?
“The best performing office in the world needs more than a weak, inept, shaky president. Trump has neither the strength to lead nor the character to admit it.
"We are not doctors, but we are not blind. It is time to talk about it. Trump is not doing well."
The ad pounds its point with the Lincoln project's new hashtag #TrumpIsNotWell.
The "secret midnight run to the Walter Reed Medical Center", which the advertisements mention, took place in November 2019. While the White House claimed that Mr. Trump had only prematurely carried out his 2020 investigation, the visit was not announced in advance, and Mr. Trump's schedule remained in place A few days later, it was clear that speculation had triggered something unusual.
Trump's medical status was also checked in 2018 when the New York gastroenterologist, who wrote him a physical report in 2015, admitted that the then candidate had simply dictated to him over the phone. The report was ridiculed at the time when he said the overweight Mr. Trump was "the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency."
However, Mr. Trump and his aides give as best they can. As their reelection campaign intensifies, they repeatedly accuse Joe Biden - whom they call "Sleepy Joe" - of senility and often promote clips and supercuts in which he blurs words or apparently forgets topics in the middle of a sentence.
And in the last election, the Trump campaign was a big part of an episode in which Hillary Clinton fainted at pneumonia at a memorial service on September 11. Some Trump supporters even spread rumors that she had Parkinson's disease, advanced dementia, or even died and was replaced by a body double.
Previous Lincoln Project ads, carefully targeted at President Fox news shows, have so successfully infuriated Mr. Trump that his response has triggered days of reporting - which in turn has resulted in the group basing millions of dollars in Has collected donations.
The group also makes commercials in swing states where Republican senators who are loyal to Mr. Trump face tough challengers. His goals include Joni Ernst from Iowa and Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, who leads the party in the Senate.

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